Sub Assignment Number 1

This is an assignment for all you submissives out there. You are, of course, free to choose whether or not you accept it. Participation is entirely voluntary.

First, the general ground rules for the assignments I offer to submissives. As I said, participation is voluntary. If you choose to accept the assignment, however, you should so indicate by leaving a comment that you accept the assignment. If and when you complete the assignment, say so in the comments. If for some reason you are unable to complete an assignment that you accepted, you should leave a comment saying so. There is no judgement from me for non-completion of assignments. I am not your Dominant. The purpose of these assignments is not for me to be telling you what to do. The purpose is to help you, submissives, learn and grow as submissives.

This assignment is really two assignments, one for submissives who serve a Dominant, and one for submissives who are currently not serving a Dominant.

– – – – –

Assignment 1A: for submissives serving a Dominant
Requirements: paper and pen or pencil
Within 48 hours of the time you accept the assignment, you will write 100 times with a pen or pencil on actual paper the following sentences.

[Your Dominant’s Name] is my Dominant.
I am his [or her] submissive.
My goal is to serve [Your Dominant’s Name] to the best of my ability.

You do not have to write all 100 repetitions in one sitting. You may spread the writing out over the 48 hours as your schedule allows. You should, however, repeat the sentences at least three times when you do take the time to write.

 – – – – –

Assignment 1B: for submissives not currently serving a Dominant
Requirements: paper and pen or pencil
Within 48 hours of the time you accept the assignment, you will write 100 times with a pen or pencil on actual paper the following sentences.

A submissive is resilient and respectful.
Being submissive is being strong and full of grace.
I am a submissive.

You do not have to write all 100 repetitions in one sitting. You may spread the writing out over the 48 hours as your schedule allows. You should, however, repeat the sentences at least three times when you do take the time to write.

 – – – – –

There are two basic purposes to this assignment. One is to get you to think about the words you are writing. That is why you are to write them down on paper with pen or pencil. You cannot simply copy and paste. You are not simply typing words. You are taking the time to write and to see the sentences over and over as you make your brain process writing each word. The other purpose is discipline.

You may be thinking to yourself, writing those three sentences 100 times is a lot of writing. Some of you may think the discipline comes in the writing. And you would be nearly correct. The discipline is in accepting the task and fulfilling it. I chose 100 repetitions because I knew that much handwriting would seem like a lot to many of you submissives. Discipline does not come from completing easy tasks. Discipline comes from following through even when the task seems difficult.

This task, however, should not be over-difficult. It is, I hope and intend, just difficult enough. Enough for what? Enough that you, submissives, must put forth some effort to get it done, but not so much as to be impossible.

You submissives who are serving a Dominant should, of course, let your Dominant know about this assignment. And if necessary get permission. This assignment is not intended to interfere with any other duties and obligations. And when you are done you should show the pages you have written to your Dominant.

All of you submissives, even those not currently serving a Dominant, should have a diary or journal. If your diary or journal is a physical one, then keep these pages with your diary or journal. (Unless your Dominant chooses to keep them for himself or tells you to do something else with them.) If your diary or journal is not physical, i.e. on a computer, then I suggest you place these pages in a folder. There will be more writing assignments in the future, and you may benefit from keeping them for future reference. (Unless, of course, your Dominant chooses to keep them for himself or tells you to do something else with them.)

When you, O submissives, complete this task, you should leave a comment saying you have completed the assignment. And you will, I hope, take the time also to express your thoughts and/or how you felt while doing the assignment and upon completion.

That is all for now. Be good.

89 Responses to “Sub Assignment Number 1”

  1. I am a new to being a sub, and have enjoyed reading what you post. It has helped me in communicating better with my Dom. I would like to do both of the writings because as someone knew to this the second writing assignment feels like it is something that needs to be heard too. I would like to do this on my own time and show him later, do you think that is a good idea??

  2. I too would like to do both exercises and will comment back after completing them.

  3. I have discussed with my Sir, and I am accepting the assignment as a sub currently serving a Dom… My 48 hours starts now.

  4. mastergotlulu Says:

    I did talk to My Sir about the assignment he liked the idea so I am accepting the assignment time starts now..

  5. I have completed my assignments and my Sir felt it was important that I complete both.
    How beautiful to write those words- to see his name in my handwriting and to express my goal to serve him. This is my heart for my Sir. I was eager to write the sentences and cannot wait to give it to him tonight.
    Sir felt the 2nd writing was important too. How graceful and sweetly put to describe what I am and it’s important as a sub to keep these thoughts in the forefront of our mind to please Sir. My truest joy comes from serving him. Knowing that I am graceful and strong makes me feel beautiful and I understand that he believes this about me as well.
    Thank you for this assignment. This is helping me grow and I hope others see that too.

  6. I have completed the assignment. I feel the words became a sort of mantra as I was writing, and really reminded me of how much I enjoy caring for my Sir’s needs. It was interesting to me that I almost couldn’t do my regular things today, as I was eager to finish my assignment and make him happy as it was something above and beyond.

  7. mastergotlulu Says:

    I have completed the assignment.. As I wrote the words they became stronger each time n the more I had the desire to finish the assignment.. It really does make you think about what your writing about who name your putting down the whole time and it was on him n how important it was to completed it cause I wasn’t just doing for but I was doing for him to..

    • Good girl. Looks like you might have gone over the 48 hour time little bit, but no worries here. The most important thing is that you completed the task.

      • mastergotlulu Says:

        Yes I was late posting I was actually talking to him at the time I was suppose post n be done witch cause me to be a little late..

  8. Serendipity1972 Says:

    Aaaaaw, Xajow.

    I know some dominants like the thought that a submissive has struggled to take on or do a challenge or task and this task has tormented me ever since you posted it, however I am reluctantly going to start it now. I know it’s only a suggestion but if I don’t undertake it I feel like I am letting myself and you down somehow. I did say they were a good idea after all.

    I also feel I let someone else down recently too in this area so this is for him too, even though he doesn’t know anything about it and I cannot be his. I probably need a lesson in discipline and hopefully the words will ring around my head the next time I need them.

    Starting Assignment 1B now.

  9. Serendipity1972 Says:

    Just to let you know I have done the task. I am going to have a quick break before I comment on how it made me feel and think. I wanted to let you know I had completed it quickly. I guess that’s the sub in me wanting to please!

  10. Serendipity1972 Says:

    Ok, well I am going to brain dump here slightly as my wrist hurts and I am tired so excuse the writing style and probable lack of grammar.

    I have noted at first my writing was small in order to make the process quicker and easier but as I went through the task my writing has become larger and more defined and I consciously took more time over it.

    I thought of you and him. If I am honest I thought how this might please you and appease myself to him even if only in my mind.

    I thought of how this task may help my resolve next time I struggle with doing something you or he wants me to do.

    I thought I may become bored with doing the task but once I started I couldn’t stop until it was done. I found myself enjoying it in a way. I found some sort of peace in it. That surprised me.

    I think I may have realised as I was writing the words that I am resilient and strong and that the doubts that fill me about my submissive nature may be unfounded.

    I suppose I showed respect by doing the task and I undertook the task with grace eventually, so their is hope for me in these two aspects!!!

    This was an eye opener really. Thank you Xajow.

  11. I could not sleep until I officially accepted assignment 1b. My time starts now.

  12. I have completed the assignment. This felt like a true eye opener. The closer and closer I got towards finishing the task at hand the brighter everything around me seemed and I walked with my back a little straighter. I am completely new to the lifestyle and have not served a Dom as of yet, but this assignment has helped me with necessary building blocks for discipline of working towards the end once I have started a task. Thank you for this assignment.

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  14. misbehavin Says:

    I would like to try… if I may… I am curious on how it will make me feel, and I wonder how it effects you to see these tasks accepted and completed. I have insomnia right now constantly over thinking I hope this task might help me. Thank You .

  15. May I do the symbol for the word “and”? I am finding it is helping me to be more comfortable with what I want and not be soo apprehensive of these thoughts and desires I am having. Thank You.

  16. I am doing #1b, forgot to mention that…

  17. this is really helping me “mind my manners”, talking to the dominate man in my world right now, and it is keeping me under control thank you!

  18. Misbehavin Says:

    Finished, I think I said it more than I wrote it, I might be late for that my apologies. These words gave me a sense of strength in myself as well as self acceptance.
    Thank YOU

  19. Misbehavin Says:

    I think were on different side of the planet , either way it looks like I am late on finishing.

  20. This is a whole new world to me. There has always been a submissive side that I denied. I had one boyfriend that new there was a side that was not vanilla years ago. I am only beginning to embrace it.
    I am thankful to find this website, it has helped me confront my own issues of this subject which can be considered taboo. Especially living in a small town of 10,000 that is very conservative. So this site has helped. Ore than you can imagine. I know there are many of us sub missives out there questioning what we are doing and if it is right (at least I do). I am getting ready to accept this 1st assignment.

  21. I am new to being a sub and honestly it scares me a little. A friend of mine gave me the sub assignments to look over and I have decided to do them starting today

    • Good. It should scare you a little. But you can and you will get past that initial fear. And when you do, it will be all the more satisfying as you find the truth of your inner strength and embrace your submissive nature.

      Welcome to Liberate One.

  22. Thank you. I came up with an idea and I wanted to know if you thought it was ok to do. my idea was a locket I had made and inside was the second set of sentences. As a reminder to always carry that belief around no matter were I goin life or the world.

  23. uhm if you know anyone who wants to do that as well I know someone who makes lockets.

  24. Accepting this assignment with much joy. my days off of work are dutifully spent in study and service, what a beautiful way to start the day.

    • This task has been completed. This combined with my morning submissive ritual made it quite easy to remain in my sub mindset all morning. Which was nice because Master was quite busy this morning and wasn’t available due to work.

  25. I finished it and you know what I am proud to have done it. it made me realize that I am strong no matter what others say.

  26. Sir,
    I would like to accept this assignment. I will be doing 1B over the weekend and will let you know my thoughts on the experience some time on Sunday.

    • Good girl. I look forward to seeing what you have to say.

      • Thank you, Sir. The task is complete, though I took a few liberties with it. I hope you don’t mind. I made it my writing topic for today, so I’ll post my thoughts about the experience on my notes page. It would be very long for your comments section.

        As a short message to any who may be considering the idea, though, I do recommend you try the assignment. You won’t know what you may learn about yourself from the experience unless you try.

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  28. Sir, I accept Sub Assignment 1B, starting now. Thank you, Sir.

    • Sir, I have completed Sub Assignment Number 1. The repetition of the statements caused me to focus more on their meaning as to how they related to me and my acceptance of being submissive. There is much more I discovered which is too long for this comment, therefore, I will be linking this post in my blog for you to view the details at your leisure. Have a wonderful day Sir and thank you for posting this assignment.

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  31. I have asked and received permission to do the assignments. I will start today with 1a. Thank you Sir.

  32. SIr, I am sorry I am logging in late. I have finished the assignment, in the required time, but was unable to get to a computer. Please accept my apologies for posting late. This exercise was wonderful and it runs through my head throughout the day. Thank you Sir. On to number 2.

  33. Silvermantle Says:

    I thought my Dom would like the phrasing of the 1B assignment, so I began it at midnight last night. Yes, he did appreciate it and gave his approval so I’m continuing, shooting for the 48 hrs to end at tomorrow’s midnight. The hand soreness after only a few pages done is surprising. I can remember writing copious handwritten notes in college and not tiring. Makes me realize how much of my writing is now actually typing. My daughter doesn’t even type, she uses a dictation app then cleans up the text by hunting and pecking. Actually writing the words, especially in cursive (which most young people aren’t even learning anymore), lets them sink in instead of flowing through. It does make me appreciate how unique and beautiful handwritten words are.

    • Silvermantle Says:

      And now I’m done. The important words for me which continue to ring and dwell and simmer in my head are; resilient, strong, grace, and respectful. All qualities to aspire to in this journey. Resilient and grace are the most reassuring. (I already know I”m strong.) Respectful is the most challenging. I find myself slipping into petulance and resentment when work and school, kids and in-laws, money setbacks, health hiccups, and just being over forty and tired gets in the way of our expressing our love and desire for one another. Writing “respectful” 100 times and thinking of Him when I do, it made me realize I blame him because he’s “supposed to be the one in control”. Duh. His control is over me, not the whole world. Sigh, silly rabbit.

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  35. My friend raven showed me this and I have decided to start this assignment. This is my first few steps into my journey as a submissive, wish me luck.

  36. I have finished sir.

  37. It made me realize that I am proud strong gracefully. It also made me think that yes I may have been abandoned by my Dom but maybe he wasn’t the right Dom for me or he wasn’t ready to be a Dom yet and I don’t hold that against him.

  38. Yes I am but I am going to take a day and think a little more before I move on to the next assignment.

  39. Jessica P. Says:

    At my Masters direction, I am working on the submissive assignment number 1.

    • Jessica P. Says:

      I have finished my assignment. Writing out the sentences made my inner core ache each time I worked on them.

  40. I am working on submissive assignment number 2.

  41. My apologies. I intended to post that I am working on submissive assignment number 1B.

  42. I just finished assignment 1B. I loved writing the lines- I hardly ever write anymore. I thought a lot about what I was writing and even did an internet search for the meaning of the words. My favorite was the definition of “resilience” found here: . I thought a lot about respect and being respectful, to others very certainly, but also about respecting myself. I don’t have a Dom right now, and I’m okay with waiting for the right one to come along. I have a feeling that whoever he is, he’ll claim me soon. I don’t consider myself particularly graceful, but I was reminded that I am full of grace and also that I’m extraordinarily strong. Thanks for affirmation, the reminders and the assignment.

  43. Sir,

    I am accepting this assignment. I am a woman trying to determine if this is my path. I am open to what I discover on this journey. Thank you,

  44. I finished assignment 1B. I at first wondered why I was doing the assignment at all, and then felt like my initial attitude regarding submission as weakness and neediness was perhaps incorrect. I have a Native American heritage and one of my totems is the horse. One of my favorite horse stories is Hidalgo. Hidalgo submitted to his Master because he loved his Master. If his Master beat or was abusive to him, Hidalgo would not have served him. Hidalgo was resilient and respectful, and his Master asked nothing of Hidalgo that he did not ask of himself. Furthermore, Hidalgo’s Master did NOT abuse Hidalgo, and would not tolerate anyone else doing so either. Hidalgo was strong and full of grace, and chose subservience out of love. I have fought against subservience that may in actuality be my natural tendency from lessons learned in a wounded past. Perhaps subservience given as a choice from a place of love and respect is the key to a healed future. I have found a willingness in doing this exercise that I did not perceive before the exercise.
    Thank you, Sir, for the unexpected lesson.

  45. I’d like to complete the first challenge. I will comment back when done.

  46. im going to start this assignment and I am going to keep a journal to so I can write my thoughts out as I come to them.

  47. I’m done sir.

  48. Sir,
    I want to accept your Sub Assignment 1b today. After reading your posts for several months, I feel ready to continue my journey. I didn’t want to start Sub Assignment 1 until I was able to commit to all the Assignments that you posted. Thank you.

  49. laylatayli Says:

    I am a week into sub life. And currently is it part time. Your blog is wonderful Sir And I thank you for your efforts. I am gratefully accepting this assignment.


  50. I am going to start this asignment and keep a record of everything from asignment one to the final asignment.

  51. Sir,
    I accept assignment 1B. Thank you for this task. I think it will help me grow as a submissive.

    • I’ve finished 100 repetitions. I’m going to write it more before I write my thoughts about it here.

      • I am looking forward to what you will share about your experience.

        • I’ve taken awhile to really think about this task. Three simple sentences, but they have had such an impact on me. I know that I’ll repeat them to myself for months if not years. I’m a new submissive. Well not new, but new to trying to figure out what that really means, so this is what I’m considering to be a starting place to a new me.
          “A submissive is resilient and respectful”. This sentence is the easiest for me. Resilience is something everyone needs, submissive especially. Our bodies need to be resilient so we can take what our Master’s give them, and our minds need to be so we can truly learn from our mistakes. Respectful: submissives need to be respectful to show their Dominant that they are appreciative of their control. We also need to be respectful to others so we can positively reflect our Dominants. I definitely need to work on being respectful so writing this as much as I did helped.
          “Being submissive is being strong and full of grace”. I am strong, of mind and spirit, and I am trying to make my body strong to match. I know being submissive doesn’t make me weak in any way. The full of grace on the other hand is really hard for me to accept. I choke on water and trip on air, graceful is a word I would never use to describe myself. It was only after a conversation with someone else did I realize that within my submission I can be graceful. That maybe grace can mean being composed. It could mean trying to be ladylike and not letting my emotions get the better of me so that I can communicate clearly with my future Master. Another thing I need to work on, and will.
          “I am a submissive” The first few times I wrote this it didn’t seem like a big deal, just a nice way to end the phrase, but it grew. As I found myself in different places writing this over and over it really drove it home that I am always a submissive. That hit me harder than I ever thought it would. I’ve been submissive in the bedroom for a while, but recently I’ve come to realize that isn’t the only place I am submissive or the only place I want to be. That it’s ok, that it’s normal to want more than to just be dominated in the bedroom. That it’s ok to want to give my mind, body, and soul to someone and trust them to own it responsibly.
          Thank you for this task and your blog. I feel like it’s helping me become ok with all of my submissiveness and not just pieces. It’s helping me understand what I want in a way I couldn’t do on my own. Thank you and please keep writing.

  52. Since I’m new to the D/s world, I’ve decided to accept both assignments. I will comment when I have finished both and I will let my potential Dom know when I have finished also. Thank you Sir for this great opportunity!

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