Indigo Black

I may not post for a few days. I hope you will understand. It’s a mood indigo kind of thing.

I know. This is all wrong. I’m not supposed to be this way. I am supposed to be in control of myself. I am trying to be. But I have metaphorically seen “the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes.” And for reasons that would only bore you, it hurt me deeply. “I have to turn my head until my darkness goes.” No, it is not a death of a person that causes this. It is something else. To speak more of it would be whining.

I thought I was getting better. I was wrong.

There will be another assignment soon. Just not today.

4 Responses to “Indigo Black”

  1. ‘Liking’ this to offer supportive colours.

  2. Hope you feel better soon look forward to reading your post

  3. Misbehavin Says:

    Just wanted to stop by and say I was thinking of you and dissecting your wisdom. I have been practicing my patience and trying to catch myself when I am manipulating. Thank You for all your guidance

  4. Misbehavin Says:

    PS. Your human , and I believe we all need to allow ourselves the grace to be. Best to you.

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