For Dominants: Follow Up to Sub Assignment Number 2

I have now posted a second assignment for submissives. If you are a Dominant, and you like the assignment, here are some things to go along with that assignment.

Of course, you should talk about the assignment with your submissive both before the assignment is started and after the assignment is done.

If there is a specific kneeling position you want your submissive to use that is not listed in the assignment, then of course have your submissive use that position.

If your submissive is able to do any of the bonus points for the assignment, I recommend rewarding her (or him) for that. Also, you might consider choosing for your submissive one or more of the bonus points that she should include with the assignment.

Use this assignment as an opportunity to talk with your submissive about what kneeling means to her. Talk about whether different kneeling positions have different meanings for your submissive. The better you understand how kneeling affects your submissive, the better you can use kneeling in your control of your submissive.

If your submissive does not regularly practice kneeling, you might consider using this assignment as an opportunity to establish a rule about your submissive practicing one or more kneeling positions. Particularly if you expect your submissive to be openly submissive in front of others.

If you can watch your submissive during at least one of the kneeling periods for the assignment, do so. Make sure she is holding her posture according to the rules for the position and to your satisfaction.

If you allow your submissive to accept the assignment, I hope it helps you and your submissive.

As always, feel free to ask questions or provide feedback in the comments below. I would like to know if you think this assignment was helpful in any way.

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