Sub Assignment Number 2

O students who are submissive, the time has come for another assignment. Calm down. Breathe. Yes, yes, I know you are all excited, but calm down for a bit so I can tell you what the new assignment is.

First, the ground rules. Participation in these assignments is always voluntary. If you, O submissive reader, choose to accept an assignment, however, you should so indicate by leaving a comment below saying that you chosen to accept that assignment. If and when you complete the assignment, you should say so in the comments. If for some reason you are unable to complete an assignment that you accepted, you should leave a comment saying so. There is no judgement from me for non-completion of assignments. I am not your Dominant. The purpose of these assignments is not for me to be telling you what to do. The purpose is to help you, submissives, learn and grow as submissives.

Also, if you are a submissive currently serving a Dominant, you should probably get permission from your Dominant before starting one of the assignments I provide. Whether you need permission or not, you should show your Dominant respect by letting him (or her) know what the assignment is and that you intend to accept it.

Now then, the assignment itself.

– – – – –

Assignment 2
Requirements: some time each day during a seven day period (and optionally a yoga mat if one is available and your Dominant allows its use)
This assignment will take place over a period of seven consecutive days. Choose one of the kneeling positions listed below and practice it for a total of at least thirty minutes a day for five days, for a total of at least forty-five minutes the sixth day, and a total of at least sixty minutes the seventh day. One need not practice the chosen position for the full amount of time all at once, but it must be practiced in segments of no less than ten minutes. Yes, that does mean that on the sixth day at least one kneeling period must be longer than ten minutes. Any kneeling period less than ten minutes does not count toward your total. Yes, that does mean that nine minutes and fifty-nine seconds or less does not count. No, you may not choose a different position if you decide after beginning the assignment that the position you chose is “too hard”. You may use a timer to keep track of your time while kneeling. You may, of course, spend more time each day kneeling than the assignment requires. Kneeling for a total of four hours and fifteen minutes (the total amount of kneeling time this assignment requires) in one or two days, however will not be a successful completion of the assignment. The assignment requires kneeling each day for seven consecutive days.

– – – – –

I hope that is clear enough. No kneeling for brief periods of time like two minutes or five minutes. Ten minutes or more. This is should not be overly difficult, but it is not supposed to be too easy either.

For the first five days, you might try three periods of ten minutes, or two periods of fifteen minutes. Neither of which should be too difficult to accomplish. For the sixth day, you could do three periods of ten minutes and one period of fifteen minutes, or three periods of fifteen minutes. These are just examples. You can divide the time as suits your schedule. The only requirement for time is that each period of kneeling must last at least ten minutes.

What you wear while kneeling is up to you and/or your Dominant.

And now, the list of kneeling positions.

– – – – –

Kneeling Position 1
• Knees together
• Back straight
• Arms behind your back
• Focus your gaze at a place on the floor about a foot in front your knees

Kneeling Position 2
• Knees as wide apart as you can manage and keep your balance
• Back straight
• Hands on your thighs, palms up
• Look straight ahead

Kneeling Position 3
• Knees shoulder width apart
• Back as straight as you keep it
• Head on the floor
• Hands behind your back

– – – – –

Choose just one position to use for this assignment. I am feeling generous, so I will make one allowance regarding the positions. If there is another kneeling position you wish to use for this assignment, you may do so, but there are two conditions. One, you must first describe the kneeling position in the comments so that someone else might be able to try it. Two, it must be at least as difficult as the ones I have already listed.

Notice that the kneeling positions I listed are not for doing while talking on the phone or reading a book. These are positions specifically chosen for stillness. They are simple but also specific about the position of the body. Which is to say, if you choose a different kneeling position than one I listed, for this purposes of this assignment it cannot be something like kneeling while you talk on the phone with your friends or while you work at your computer.

If you accept this assignment, you should be try to be aware of your position and your posture while you are kneeling. Even if you will be kneeling without a Dominant to see you, try to behave during the kneeling periods as if your Dominant was watching you the entire time.

And now, for the bonus points. Yes, I said bonus points.

– – – – –

Bonus Point 1
Do this assignment three weeks in a row, using a different kneeling position each time, and leaving comments here each time you complete you the assignment.

Bonus Point 2
For every period of kneeling, verbally (out loud) repeat one or both of the sets of sentences from Sub Assignment Number 1 during the entire kneeling period.

Bonus Point 3
Masturbate for at least five minutes—but do not cum—before each period of kneeling.

Bonus Point 4
Do at least one kneeling period in front of another person or other people.

Bonus Point 5
On the seventh day of the assignment, kneel in your chosen position for a single period of sixty minutes.

– – – – –

These are not requirements. You need not do any of these to successfully complete the assignment. If you want to add bonus points to the assignment, you may choose just one of these or any combination of them.

Does the term “bonus points” mean there will be prizes? No.  The bonus points are really just that these things will add an extra level of experience for you if you choose to add them to the assignment. Hopefully they will enhance your experience in positive ways.

Please leave a comment if you choose to accept the assignment. If you do choose to accept the assignment, say which kneeling position you chose. When you finish the assignment, leave a comment saying you completed the assignment and your thoughts and feelings about the assignment. Also mention if you were able to include any of the bonus points additions to the assignment, and if so, which one(s) did you do and of course your thoughts and feelings about it/them.

As always, feel free to ask questions about the assignment.

That is all for now. Be good.

46 Responses to “Sub Assignment Number 2”

  1. Misbehavin Says:

    Yes, I accept this assignment and I will do my best. Thank You

  2. Misbehavin Says:

    Caught me.
    Would you like to choose?

  3. What a wonderful assignment. I asked my Sir and he thought it was a wonderful idea. We chose kneeling position number 2. Starting and loving bonus point number 3. I did not speak on the phone, no music, no TV no text. Only focused on my position and bonus. I did not complete a full 10 minutes but completed 8. I understand this time does not count towards my goal but tomorrow I should reach the 10 minute marker.

  4. I must change my position to #3 as my choice was insufficient for approval. Thank you

  5. I actually tried to but failed completly. So i guess i’m not doing it, but now i know what i will practise more often. Just though i’d tell you.

    • I am not sure how you can have failed completely already. But you can take up the assignment when you are ready. If you are not ready yet, practice kneeling for a while and then accept the assignment.

  6. Let me just say this is no easy task. 10 minutes was hard to reach but with each small milestone it gets easier. I have completed 10 minutes again today with no bonus done due to company. Tomorrow I set my goal for 11 minutes.

    • Misbehavein Says:

      I did not complete this I was tooo impatient! i did not text or email or phone I just couldn’t sit still! I almost didn’t share that I failed miserably, but yet I did.I don’t think I am the only one who accepted and couldn’t deliver so I thought “f” it I am going to share my short comings. So there they are. out on display … I have a serious problem with patience, it wasn’t the act of kneeling or even my shins and knees hurting it was the wait I was going nutz checkin the time again and again. verbally expressing my frustration in an array of grunts and other sound effects none of them actual words. then I just plane forgot.

  7. I love the sound of this assignment, but have i missed the boat? Is it too late to do it?

  8. I am starting sub assignment two today. you want to know something position two is already how I find my self when I sit on the floor.

  9. Sir,
    I would like to begin this assignment tomorrow starting with position 1. As with the previous assignments, I’m looking forward to where it may take my thoughts. I’ll be sure to share their travels here in a week. Thank you for providing it.

  10. I have finished the assignment sir.

  11. yes I do. it made me think that yes the world can be harsh in some ways but in others it is gentle. what drifted in my thoughts most was no matter that others may think I am worthless, I have worth in this world. I am strong, smart, caring and beautiful in my own way.

    • Yes, you are. Good girl. You are a submissive. You have strength and beauty. Carry that forth with you into the world.

  12. there is a saying that comes to mind that made me think and this is it : “not everyone likes me but not everyone matters.”

    • I would not say not everyone matters, but not everyone’s opinion matters. So long as you are trying to be the best you that you can be, you do not need to please everyone. If you could please everyone, you would lose yourself. So don’t bother.

  13. Sir, I’ve completed the assignment. I very much appreciate your providing it. A post with the thoughts I wrote after each session will be up on my notes page, properly linked to here this time, I hope.

    To summarize, though, through the assignment I spent a lot of time considering motivation as well as strength, grace, and was reminded what it felt like to feel feminine again. More than anything, though, it’s left me confused. Today I think I may have figured out why. I’d originally thought to do the bonus and try each pose, but instead I’d like to do another week of pose 1 with a different mindset. Again, thank you for posting these assignments. They definitely provide experiences that open my thoughts to directions I wouldn’t have considered or confronted.

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  15. Sir,
    I have decided to accept Sub Assignment Number 2 , kneeling position number 2. I will begin the assignment tomorrow morning.

    Thank you, Sir for providing this assignment.

    • Good girl. I look forward to seeing what you have to say about the assignment.

      • Sir, I completed Sub Assignment Number 2 last night. I have to admit this was one of the toughest so far to complete. I am not sure how much I got out of the assignment, there were other things in my life distracting me. However, it did help me to at times clear my mind and remain focused. I found with perseverance I could remain focused on completing the assignment regardless of what was going on around me which gave me a certain level of comfort in knowing I could continue to serve and please my Sir and that my Sir would also be there for me. Thank you Sir for providing this assignment. All of your assignments have been very helpful in connecting with being submissive as well as understanding what this means for me.

  16. […] have accepted Liberate One’s Sub Assignment Number 2. I will be using kneeling position number 2. I will begin it in the […]

  17. Sir,
    I have completed the assignment again. Thank you for encouraging me to do so. I found kneeling this week to be both easier for my body and mind. Like any physical activity, it got easier with practice. Not worrying about the motivation for doing it and just doing it made the exercise more peaceful and in a way, meditative. It became a time each day for a still body and focused mind to consider the day ahead in the morning and reflect on it in the evening. I like, also, the small sense of pride I have that comes from proof that I had the self-discipline to complete it. There certainly were times I did not want to. Thank you again for providing the assignment.

  18. […] wasn’t thinking directly about it at the time. This makes me think I should continue with the Liberate One’s second assignment. I could, of course, kneel on my own, but by accepting it publicly I feel an accountability to […]

  19. Sir, I’ve completed this week of the assignment with the second position. It was interesting – definitely an uncomfortable position at the start for the openness and vulnerability in it. Posing before a mirror and unclothed was even more interesting. Definitely a forced situation to assess myself and my body image issues, which in many ways were accepted if not overcome. Thank you, as always, for providing these assignments. I never seem to experience what I expect I will, but learn more for that, I think.

  20. I am starting this assignment as of tomorrow morning.

  21. Hello sir I was wondering if you could recommend some alternatives for kneeling positions as I fractured the bones in my leg.

    • Poor thing. I could probably recommend some positions for you to try while standing, but I think you should wait until your leg bones have healed. Get well first. This assignment will still be here when you are well again.

  22. i know i should wait but it just doesn’t feel right to me to wait.i dont regret what i did when i got dogs is not easy.

  23. Thankfully my leg will heal and I was able to finish this assignment today.

    • I am glad you were able to finish the assignment. I hope you are being careful. I do not want anyone getting seriously hurt just to complete any assignment.

  24. Sir. I’d like to accept this assignment, using kneeling position number 2. I’m likely to add bonus point 2 to my practice, using the sentences from sub assignment 1B, but do not feel comfortable committing to that just yet. Should I let you know when I’m comfortable committing, or would it be better to report back to you with my decision when I’ve completed the assignment? Thank you for these assignments. I feel like they’re really helping me to become a better submissive.

  25. I’m sorry, sir. I’m afraid I over committed myself and will be unable to complete the assignment. I hope to try it again when things calm down in the other areas of my life. Thank you for the opportunity to try.

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