Some Words About Some Topics

I truly dislike when an emotional state seems to overtake me. Particularly an unpleasant emotional state. It can make writing  about the things I should here (at Liberate One) more than a little difficult. Why? Well, you’ll just have to keep wondering because I ain’t tellin’. Anyway, on today’s episode of The Mishmash That Is My Brain, I will talk briefly about several varied topics. Come along for the ride, if you dare. Muwah ha ha ha ha… er… Moving on to topic number one…

Topic 1: Driving. When you are out driving your vehicle, please to be remembering that the people in vehicles behind you are not there because they like to look at the back end of your vehicle. If you want to drive slowly, have the courtesy to get out of the way of other people. If you are waiting to make a turn, you do not need to wait for a one hundred yard gap in oncoming traffic. When the traffic light turns yellow, that does not mean that the next two cars after the light turns red get to proceed through the intersection. If you are intending to make a turn, communicate that to other drivers by using your vehicle’s turn indicator lights. If the traffic is backed up such that you cannot fully proceed through the intersection without stopping, then stop before you enter the intersection so that you do not end up blocking traffic. If you are intending to make a right turn (in the U.S. at least) and there is a sign that says “keep moving and change lanes later,” do not stop your vehicle beside the sign to wait for traffic to clear so that you can make an illegal turn (i.e crossing a solid white line to change lanes in the middle of the turn). If you realize you are about to miss your turn because you are in the wrong lane, do not stop your vehicle and wait to get into the correct lane; instead, calmly drive past your turn, find a place to turn around, and go back to the turn you intended to make. It will still be there.

Topic 2: “Bossy.” Apparently some easily offended women are upset that sometimes girls get called bossy. They made a video in which they suggest banning the word bossy because it might make some girls feel bad. Here is a clue for little girls (actual little girls, i.e. not out of grade school, who should probably not be reading this blog): Get over it. If a girl (or a boy or a woman or a man or transwhatever) is bossy, yeah, she should be called on it. But it teaches girls to not be strong. Nonsense. In real life, people are going to say things about you that you will not like. Get over it. If your solution to people saying things about you that you do not like to demand other people not be allowed to say those things, you are being bossy. And a jerk. And possibly an asshole. Toughen up. Here is a metaphor for you to use. One does not sharpen a blade by using it to cut butter; one sharpens a blade by scraping it against something hard. If being called bossy seems to make life hard for you, you can quit or you can use it to make you sharper. The choice is up to you.

Topic 3: CPAC. The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) has been trending libertarian for the past few years, and apparently this year it was more libertarian than ever. Lots of young libertarian minded people showed up, so I am told. Good. I know some will try to dismiss this trend, and that may be good too. Let them continue to underestimate the libertarians and libertarian leaning independents out there. One day the anti-libertarian folks will wake up and wonder why they do not have power any more. It is long past time for the “practical” politicians to get out of the way.

Topic 4: Science. Recently the classic science show Cosmos was rebooted. This is good. I do not know what topics they have lined up for future episodes, but I hope there will be mention of genetically modified food. Why? Because after all the stories about how people who question the official eco-scaremongering story on climate change are supposedly anti-science, I would like to see the scientists and the liberals behind the new Cosmos confront the fact that genetically modified foods are actually safe for human consumption. As best I can tell, pretty much the crowd who crow that climate change is horrible and that denying this is denying science, is largely the same crowd who rail against genetically modified foods as “Frankenfood.” Dun-dun-DUN! Don’t get me wrong. I am not opposed to “organic” foods. I am all for diversity of food in the marketplace, and if “organic” food works for you then enjoy it. (Though I think the label is a bit silly as there is, so far as I know, no such thing as inorganic food.) But the hype of the dangers of genetically modified foods is not on the side of science.

Topic 5: This blog. I missed getting up a Spiritual Discipline post this past Saturday. I will get one up in the next day or so. Judging by the comments, the Sub Assignment Number 2 was not nearly as popular as the first one. Apparently Assignment 2 was a little too difficult. So the next assignment will be a little easier. The movie review of “The Prisoner of Zenda” (1937) should be up by the end of the week. Also, I am asking for questions from my readers. I have decided I would like to have a regular feature where at least once a month (or more frequently if I get enough questions) I answer a question or questions from readers. If you have questions you would like to ask a Dominant, a libertarian, a Christian, and/or an arrogant fellow with a blog, I’m your man. Ask away in the comments below, or in the comments anywhere on this site. I have to approve all comments here before they appear to the public, so if you prefer to remain anonymous, just say so in your comment, and I will get your question without anyone having to know you asked it.

That is all for now, O readers. Be good and behave. And ask me some questions.

2 Responses to “Some Words About Some Topics”

  1. I love love love your rant on driving. Here are a few of my personal truths:
    Stay in your own f#$%@ng lane!
    You are not driving a semi, you do not need to swing into my lane to make a right turn.
    If you are the first person in line at a light, it is your duty to PAY ATTENTION, I will not hesitate to honk if you are doing a purse dive.
    if I am driving along the road at a high speed and you pull out and cut me off I will let you know that I am not pleased with you by the way I express my feelings.
    (I know I am going to get hate posts on this one but here goes and yes I am a woman)
    Aahhggrrr!! Women Drivers, you pretty much all make me crazy – quit talking and DRIVE!

  2. kcmaleescort Says:

    No question yet (sorry) just thanks for making me think from a man who continues to think of himself more and more of a libertarian. Keep up the eclectic mix, and sooner or later I’ll give you a question….

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