What I Want #4 (Not Safe For Work)

I have not posted one of these in a while. But I should warn you, this is not light and fluffy. In addition to being Not Safe For Work, this is a bit harsh. Possibly even too dark for some of you. I have not really decided what it is, except that it is something I wanted when I wrote this. This post is for mature audiences only. It contains a sexual and BDSM situation, naughty words, bondage, discipline, and dirty stuff which you sane, vanilla folks should probably never try at home. You have been warned.

– – – – –

I want her to be here.

I want to fasten a thick collar around her neck.

I want to grab her hair and use it to lead her to the spanking bench.

I want to bark at her to kneel and see her knees move to the padded knee bar of the spanking bench.

I want to hold her hair with one hand while with the other I close the lock that will secure her collar to the bench.

I want to use medical quality cuffs to secure her wrists and ankles to the bench.

I want her to wonder what is going on so I can tell her to shut up.

I want her to ask again, so that I have a reason to put a ball gag in her mouth.

I want to get out the shears.

I want to open and close the shears a few times so she can hear what I have in my hand.

I want to slowly cut away her outer garments.

I want to remove her shoes and be especially slow as I cut through her stockings.

I want to hear her try to protest into her gag.

I want to step back and look at her in her bra and panties.

I want to balance her shoes on her ass.

I want to tell her that she will get three extra swats for every time one of her shoes falls off.

I want to watch her try to be still as she takes in the meaning of what I just said.

I want to let her feel the metal of the shears as I snip through the straps of her bra.

I want to yank the bra away from her.

I want to see the shoes fall.

I want to put the shoes back on her ass with a tap of the soles to remind her of what is to come.

I want to get out the leather flogger.

I want to let her feel the very tips of the leather brush her back.

I want to describe the flogger to her.

I want to describe the balance of it as feeling like an extension of my arm.

I want to describe the leather lashes as narrow and long and eager for her skin.

I want to describe this to prepare her mind for what is about to happen.

I want to remind her not to let the shoes fall.

I want to wait in silence to let her anticipate.

I want to stretch out my arm and bring the flogger firmly to the back of her thighs.

I want to see her try to remain still.

I want to hear the strike of the leather lashes against her thighs once, twice, three times.

I want to see one shoe fall.

I want to apply the flogger to her thighs once, twice, three more times.

I want to see that the other shoe has now also fallen.

I want to tell her, so she will think about the meaning, that she let both shoes fall off.

I want to let her feel the cold metal of the shears once more as I cut through the sides of her panties.

I want to yank the panties away from her.

I want tell her when I pick up the strap I am going to use to spank her.

I want to describe it to her as a flat loop of wide, stiff leather.

I want to describe it as calmly waiting to warm her skin.

I want to wait for a few moments to let her contemplate what is about to happen.

I want to slowly lift the strap in the air so the action will be silent.

I want to let my arm fall so the strap makes a firm but not harsh slap across her ass.

I want to lift my arm and let it fall with the strap making a loud slap on her ass once, twice, three times.

I want to ask her how many strikes of the strap she thinks she will get.

I want to hear her make some muffled answer into her gag as I lift the strap again.

I want to use a slow rhythm as I spank her, with the strap firmly slapping her ass eight more times.

I want to ask her how many times a shoe fell from her ass.

I want to hear her once more give a gag muffled answer.

I want to tell her both shoes fell twice and therefore she gets twelve more strikes of the strap.

I want to tell her that I will give her a chance to choose whether she wants twelve more strikes of the slap or merely four from a paddle.

I want to tell her she has to speak clearly and loudly.

I want to listen to her try to say something with the gag still in her mouth.

I want to tell her that she failed to make a persuasive case.

I want to tell her that therefore she will get both twelve more strikes from the strap and four from the paddle.

I want to lift my arm and let the strap fall four times in slow succession.

I want to pause before giving her ass four more strikes of the strap.

I want to pause a little longer before giving her ass four swift slaps with the strap.

I want to tell her that I am picking out the paddle even though I already know which one I will use.

I want to let her wait in silence a few moments.

I want to tell her I have chosen a hickory paddle that is in the shape of a large, old fashioned, oval hair brush.

I want to tell her to count out loud each time the paddle strikes her ass.

I want to lift my arm, and then pause to make her wait for the first strike.

I want to bring the paddle down swiftly to make a loud, satisfying smack.

I want to hear her try to count one into the gag.

I want to lift the paddle and bring it down firmly and swiftly once more.

I want to hear her try to count two into the gag.

I want to surprise her by letting her have the last two hard smacks of the paddle in quick succession.

I want to quietly put the paddle away.

I want to silently apply the cooling aloe gel to her ass.

I want to tell her that I am done for now.

I want to tell her she will remain where she is until I return.

I want to tell her when I return I will decide whether to spank her again or release her from her bonds.

I want to tell her that her attitude will determine which course of action is taken.

I want to tell her I will be busy for a while so she will have plenty of time to think.

I want to pat her ass gently as I walk away and leave her on the spanking bench.

– – – – –

This is, I think, the longest one of these I have done.

Lest anyone get over concerned, only highly trained and entirely fictional figments of my imagination were used in the production of this lascivious filth.

Tell me, O readers, do you want more of this sort of thing here? Let me know in the comments below. Why would I leave that decision up to you? I’m not. I have a plan in mind, but if you want to know more of the plan, then comment. If I can get comments from at least… oh… twenty different individuals, I will tell you the rest of the plan. Not merely twenty comments. Comments from at least twenty different individuals. Hm. And by the end of March. Comments from at least twenty different individuals by the end of March 31 (Eastern U.S. time), 2014, and you’ll get to know the rest of my plan. If not, I’ll move on to something else. But I would be disappointed. And I know you don’t want to disappoint me.

Just in case you are not sure, yes, this is a ploy to get you to do two things. One, leave comments. Two, mention this blog to your friends and pressure gently persuade them to comment.

36 Responses to “What I Want #4 (Not Safe For Work)”

  1. kcmaleescort Says:

    Interesting. Does it tell more about your psychology or hers?

    Do you think this is an example of being a good dom or a naughty dom?

    Where does the concept of respect that you have talked about fit in here?

    • Only my bartender knows for sure.


      Hm. Well, that last question is a very good one. I will have to consider how I want to respond to it. Which means I will probably end up writing a post about it. Which helps me. So thank you.

  2. Oh I am so eager to know your plan. Please please share more!!

  3. Intrigued. I am not entirely sure of my response to this but here I am commenting.

    • Not sure of your response… Is my post that bad?

      • No it’s my inner feelings in response to you post I am unsure of. It is much darker than anything else you have written and I am in two minds about it. It makes me feel uncomfortable that I liked it, therefore shy to encourage more… Does this clarify Sir?

        • Ah. I see. Well, you are of course free to say you like some part of it but would prefer something less dark. You never need to be afraid to express your opinions here.

          That goes for you lurkers out there too. The best kind of information I can get to help me improve this blog is feedback from the people who read it.

          • I am not sure that I would prefer something less dark, I imagine this playing out in a scenario when great trust has already been established because of how you express D/s in other posts. The side of you expressed in this post both terrifies and excites.

          • Hm. Interesting. And thank you. If you do not mind sharing, what other thoughts did you have during and after reading the post?

          • I will come back to you on that when my time permits, work calls just now 🙂

          • Good girl. I am looking forward to what you have to say.

  4. My thoughts while reading: I wonder if this is a specific punishment for her, purely for his enjoyment or to vanquish dark thoughts from his mind, or perhaps a punishment borne for the behaviour of others… Because she can’t help the shoes falling or being able to speak clearly it makes me think this is about something beyond her control. There is something perversely erotic in the idea of being the one to offer release through willingly receiving punishment in this way. My thoughts after… the thought of this kind of service is entirely arousing. I wonder whether I would be in sub-space or too highly aroused to be with the glowing welts and soothing aloe aching awaiting, anticipating his return… yes I think I do want to hear more.

  5. Serendipity1972 Says:

    My ‘dark’ side enjoyed this…I would like to know your plan.

  6. I could almost feel the stinging heat of the skin on my own ass reading this. I wondered as to your inspiration/motivation for writing it as well as whether there was a back story that led to this sharp moment or just a mood.

    The shoes is an interesting piece. Made me think of the phrase “walked on.”

    Dark sides/thoughts are funny little creatures. They rear their heads in ways that we can’t always ignore them. I personally don’t like ignoring my dark thoughts and impulses. They are a valid part of my existence.

    So yes, more. Please. 🙂

    • Thank you. The bit with the shoes was a spontaneous thought. I had not thought of it before I started writing. And when I did think of it, it just seemed to fit (no pun intended) in the scene.

  7. misbehavin Says:

    my thoughts:
    Did she ignore you one day and now will have to wait for you and see just how maddening it can be?
    Does she prance around acting as if she is in control all the time and needed to be reminded what control really is?
    Did you just wanna let out a little desire?
    Did you wanna remind her?
    I think I’d fight it a lil , yes only making it worse, but I think I would.
    I think I’d get pissed off til I was good and hurt and then calm down I think I would need you to walk away letting me stew before I could calm down.

  8. Must admit to a curiosity as to his reasons, if for no other reason as to avoid ever aggravating ficitional him.

  9. Veronica Says:

    I have recently sub to my dom. It is a thrilling new me that has emerged & I thank my dom for nurturing me and helping me find my true self. I would love to reward my dom with a scene such as yours. Thank you for sharing.

  10. alina alura Says:

    I rather like the darker side, maybe even prefer it. I wouldn’t mind reading it in more of a story format like in a couple other posts. Definitely want to hear your idea. I’ve been meaning to comment for awhile, just been preoccupied with other things.

  11. Oh my. crumbs. crumbs. crumbs. delicious. Thank you. Stumbled across this blog and it’s a new fav. Do you mind if I shared this in a writing on fetlife acknowledging you as author and linking back to here?

  12. Yes please! I am so eager to read more of your plan!!

    • I did not get enough commenters, sadly. But there may be another chance in the future to learn what the plan is. Keep reading and keep commenting. And welcome to Liberate One.

  13. Sir,
    I liked this. I liked it a lot. Which surprised me. I could feel the rhythm of his dominance over her as the story moved forward, increasing in tempo to match his need. It wasn’t what he was subjecting her to that had me in its grasp, it was his darkness, his need to have what he wanted that captured my full attention, made me want to be the one he wanted. Made me want to be the one who could help calm the dark tempest inside of him. Strange, I just realized that is the very thing I would want from my Dom, someone who could calm my dark tempest. I do believe I would enjoy more like this.

    Thank you, Sir.

  14. samantha Says:

    Hello I really liked this story I am also new to this. I read two posts yesturday. A Dominates want verses need. I liked that one to. After reading that one I read this one, and I think this story really reflects well what a Dom will want. This story is not about punishing his Sub, But reflects well what the Dom wanted. What he needed was his sub to serve the way she did. Which really made me think about myself and my own Doms dark side how it intrigues me. How I can best serve him. This story really excited me and made me think how important my submission is to my Dom, and how I can be there for him when he wants me in this capacity or something similar to.

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