Sub Assignment Number 3

Okay, so the previous assignment for submissives is not popular. To use an odd metaphor, apparently the assignment was a bite bigger than most of you wanted to chew. So this assignment will be more modest. Indeed, it almost seems too easy. But we shall see.

First, the ground rules.

  • Participation in these assignments is always voluntary.
  • If you, O submissive reader, choose to accept an assignment, you are to indicate your acceptance by leaving a comment below saying that you have chosen to accept the assignment.
  • When you complete the assignment, say so in the comments. And preferably within the time frame given for the assignment.
  • If for some reason you are unable to complete an assignment that you accepted, leave a comment saying so.
  • If you are a submissive currently serving a Dominant, and you desire to accept one of the assignments, you should first discuss the assignment with and get permission from your Dominant before accepting it.

Also, there is no judgement from me for non-completion of assignments. I am not your Dominant. The purpose of these assignments is not for me to be telling you what to do. The purpose is to help you, submissives, learn and grow as submissives.

And now, the assignment.

– – – – –

Assignment 3

A white or pale color T-shirt or camisole
A black or dark color marker

On the T-shirt, use the marker to write across the chest of the shirt either “[your Dominant’s name]’s submissive” or “I am a strong and graceful submissive.” For one day, preferably a day when you are going to be out doing something (work, shopping, watching a movie, visiting a friend, those kinds of things), wear the T-shirt under your other outer garments. No, you do not have to show it to anyone (unless you want to). Just wear it under your other clothes. If you need to change clothes and/or shower, you may take the T-shirt off, but put it back on again to be under your outer garments. Wear it for a total of at least twelve hours, longer if possible.

UPDATE: I have been asked if a camisole is okay to use instead of a T-shirt. The answer is yes.

– – – – –

What is the purpose of this assignment? The purpose is to remind the submissive that she is always a submissive. Underneath all the things we show other people, our true natures remain. When one goes out into the world, one’s true nature is present even if other people do not always recognize it.

Hopefully the submissive who accepts the assignment will think about that, and will be more aware of her actions. If a submissive who accepts the assignment has a Dominant, then hopefully the T-shirt will remind her to consider that her behavior out in the world reflects well or ill on her Dominant. Even if the submissive who accepts the assignment does not have a Dominant, hopefully she will remember that she carries her submissive nature everywhere, and that such nature is a source of strength and grace if she will let it be.

And submissives who are keeping a journal or diary should take the time to write about what they think of the assignment before they do it and after they do it. And if they are willing, I hope they will also write about some of those thoughts in the comments section below. 

After the assignment is completed, you may do with the T-shirt what you (or your Dominant) wish, of course. But as a heads-up, I am considering a future assignment that would reuse the T-shirt.

As always, feel free to ask any questions you have about the assignment.

24 Responses to “Sub Assignment Number 3”

  1. I love this assignment. Daddy said I could do it, and I’m SUPER excited! ♥ Got my shirt on right now.

  2. Sir,
    I accept this assignment and tomorrow will let you know my thoughts about it. Thank you for providing it.

  3. Sir,
    The assignment was completed yesterday. It opened my eyes and mind to areas of consideration I likely wouldn’t have explored. Perhaps eventually I would have come to these thoughts on my own, but in a different order, a different way. I certainly think not as easily. I am grateful.

    I spent quiet moments during the work day saying the phrase in my mind, but putting the emphasis on the different words, considered how it modified the statement – thought about how each felt. Emphasis on first or last felt most true, important at that moment. I thought a lot about what that could mean.

    I now see in myself what I’ve read so many others have written. Accepting that submissive is the way I am and embracing it can be freeing, powerful. For so many years, I have been not only denying elements of myself and my desires, but been made to feel that I or they were bad or wrong because of a construct that says a woman should be independent and strong. A life long attitude meant to empower me to be strong has made me weak, twisted honest feelings to something that should be ignored, hidden, overcome. I have much to process about that still, but my eyes are open, perspective shifted, feelings can be put in their proper places.

    As if that weren’t revelation enough, their placement forced me to confront a negative body image issue I’ve had for years, and so now confronted can begin to accept, overcome, release.

    And, this surprised me, such a simple shift in my mind… My posture was much, and easily, improved without much effort on my part, by the fact that all day I stood or walked in a way that, if they could be seen, the words be most easily read.

    Powerful little words there, Sir.
    I sincerely thank you for providing the assignment. I’ll be doing the rest of the assignments as time permits. I look forward to what else I may learn from them.

    • Good girl. I am glad that the assignment helped you, and grateful that you left such comment here for others to see. Thank you. Well done.

  4. After 2 weeks to finish healing my arm I will start the third assignment.

  5. Sir, I accept Sub Assignment Number 3, starting now. Thank you Sir.

    • Sir, I completed Sub Assignment Number 3. I’m not sure if it was the assignment or not but my thoughts were quite maudlin all day. Wearing the shirt kept me focused on whether I would want this type of relationship 24×7 and I found it saddened me if this would not happen. I also found myself walking much taller, straighter, and when I took a walk in the evening around my neighborhood, I found myself repeating the phase in my head which gave me a deeper purpose for my walk. I will keep the shirt to wear on occasion to see what else I might learn. Thank you Sir.

  6. […] accepted Sub Assignment Number 3. Writing “I am a strong and graceful submissive.” On the t-shirt (actually a tank top), was an […]

  7. OK I may be able to start the assignment a little sooner than I thought, which I am happy to find out. The bad news my arm is worse off than I thought. so after the put the metal rod in my arm to hold the bone in place, which is tomorrow, I will start sub assignment three.

  8. I have started sub assignment three sir.

  9. I finished my locket project.

  10. as I made it i kept on thinking that as i made each part that it was like a new part of me was created and shaped anew. when i finished making the locket and put all the pieces together that jst like the locket one day I will be just as whole and complete.

  11. I am finished sir.

  12. I am starting this assignment tomorrow morning.

  13. I have finished this assignment sir.

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