For Dominants: Follow-up to Sub Assignment Number 4

A new sub assignment is up. I hope you, O Dominants, will take the time to discuss it with your submissives. The assignment is fairly simple and easy. There is not much for follow-up, so this post will be brief.

As always, you should read the assignment for yourselves and decide whether you want your submissive to accept the assignment. If you do decide to allow it, talk about it with your submissive.

Feel free, of course, to alter the assignment as you see fit.

Ideally, you would watch your submissive perform this assignment each day and make sure she is doing it correctly.

And at the end of the week for the assignment, talk about the assignment again and find out what are your submissive’s thoughts and feelings about the assignment.

A note or two in the comments to say you like or don’t like the assignment would be nice.

That is all I got for today.

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