Sub Assignment Number 4

The first sub assignment was relatively easy and had a decent amount of people agreeing to do it. The second was more difficult, and had fewer people agreeing to do it, and even less follow through responses. The third, and by far the easiest one, has had exactly one person show any interest at all. I will try this one more time. And if enough of you indicate to me you are not interested—which is to say you do not leave comments to tell me when you accept the assignment and when you complete it—then this will be the last one.

So if you want these assignments to continue, I suggest you pay attention the ground rules for these assignments. The ground rules are as follows:

  • Participation in these assignments is always voluntary.
  • If you, O submissive reader, choose to accept an assignment, you are to indicate your acceptance by leaving a comment below saying that you have chosen to accept the assignment.
  • When you complete the assignment, say so in the comments. And preferably within the time frame given for the assignment.
  • If for some reason you are unable to complete an assignment that you accepted, leave a comment saying so.
  • If you are a submissive currently serving a Dominant, and you desire to accept one of the assignments, you should first discuss the assignment with and get permission from your Dominant before accepting it.

Also, there is no judgement from me for non-completion of assignments. I will be disappointed if you do not or cannot complete them, but I am not your Dominant. Remember, the whole purpose of these assignments is to help you, submissives, learn and grow as submissives.

And now, the assignment.

– – – – –

Assignment 4

A small amount of time each day
Optionally, a towel or blanket or yoga mat on which to kneel

Every day for one week, after you wake up and before you go to bed (that is twice a day for those of you keeping track at home), you will kneel and repeat a small mantra three times.

Your kneeling position, unless otherwise instructed by your Dominant, will be to kneel with your knees shoulder width apart, your ass on your heels, your back straight, your hands palms up and resting on your thighs, and your eyes looking straight ahead.

The small mantra you will speak out loud three times will be this:

I am a submissive.
I serve with strength and grace.
I am a submissive.

This mantra will be repeated at least three times (feel free to repeat it more), two times a day, once after waking up and once before going to bed, every day for one week (seven consecutive days).

Submissives willing and able to do more should perform the assignment either naked or wearing the T-shirt/camisole from sub assignment number 3. Doing the assignment while facing a mirror is even better.

– – – – –

This assignment should not take more than a few minutes of each day, and so should be relatively easy to do. Hopefully this will help the submissive to think about her actions through the day, and to improve the submissive’s confidence in being a good submissive.

What I said at the top of this post is not a tease. I will not create assignments if I have no reason to believe anyone is using them. But also, the comments are not just for my benefit. Of course I want to know submissives are using and getting benefit from the assignments. However, the real point in asking submissives to leave a comment when they start and when the complete an assignment is so that other submissives can see that these assignments are being done. And hopefully comments left by submissives about how the assignments affected them will encourage other submissives to try the assignments as well. In other words, O submissives, by commenting on the assignments, you help other submissives.

And of course previous assignments may be started at any time. The time frame for the assignment does not start from the date of my posting the assignment to the blog. The time frame for any assignment starts when you choose to accept the assignment and leave a comment saying you have accepted it. And any assignment can, and probably should, be repeated as often as you like. But the ground rules always apply.

Okay, folks, the fate of the sub assignments portion of this blog in your hands. Talk to me or don’t. It’s all up to you.

32 Responses to “Sub Assignment Number 4”

  1. I accept the assignment starting it first thing tomorrow morning when I wake up..

  2. I would like to take and complete this task. I will talk to Sir and comment again once approved.
    Thank you for taking the time and effort in doing things like this to help us stretch and grow.
    This submissive is grateful

  3. i asked for and received permission to take part in this assignment and i will start tonight as instructed by my Master

  4. Thank You Sir

  5. i will do it

  6. I finished the assignment Sir.. It really made me think about how to make myself a better Sub.. Since my Master left I have had it a little hard and it really made me think about how I could had done better for him or for the next Master..

    • Good girl. These assignments should push you become better and more self-aware in your submission. So I am glad to know when they do.

      • I’m more then happy to do the assignments and becoming being a better has a Sub.. It never hurts to learn n grow.. I look forward to doing even more of your assignments Sir.. You have inspired me from the start since I started reading your blog.. Thank You Sir!!

  7. Sir,
    I accept this assignment. It will start tonight just before i go to bed.

    I have also decided to start a journal online which will document my experiences. I respectfully request your permission to include a link to your blog and to this assignment quoting the requirements, since you have become an important source for my education regarding being submissive.

    Thank you, Sir.

  8. […] this journal came about from reading his suggestions to new submissives. Last night, after reading assignment 4, I decided to perform it prior to going to bed as well as start a journal to record what I learn. […]

  9. Wanted to comment on this assignment. It is already a part of my required actions. Each morning and evening i focus on maintaining my sub mindset. In the morning i dress and repeat several times the words that have been chosen for me. In the evening i spend an hr or so reading Master’s words (He writes me little essays to keep me company) and thinking on Him. During that time i also speak aloud the words that have been chosen for me. So although i will not be accepting this assignment, i wanted to share my thoughts that it is a good one.

  10. Sir, I completed Sub Assignment 4 this morning. I was surprised by the calm and peaceful feelings it invoked and how it helped me to center and prepare myself for the day as well as for rest at night. It also helped me to become more connected and accepting of being submissive. Thank you Sir.

    • Good girl. I have been reading your posts about it at your blog. I could not ask for better feedback.

      • Thank you Sir. Writing my journal in the blog was good, helped me to express things I’m not sure I would be able to do in person. Writing lets the vulnerable parts of me come out. I will be picking another one of the assignments soon. Thank you for providing them Sir.

  11. I am proudly starting this assignment today. I am also starting on another journey. I have found a dominant !

  12. Phoenix Heart Says:

    I am new to the D/s dynamic and stumbled upon your assignments purely by chance. I think they’re great and although I haven’t started them yet. I will be doing each of them.

  13. I found your blog while doing research and will show this to my Sir, but im sure he would let me participate.

  14. Sir say’s i may accept this assignment. i wanted to thank you Sir for the time you put into these assignment’s.

    • Sorry for the delay, i completed this assignment on Monday June 16 in the morning, i did not get a chance to post a follow up until today. Thank you again.

  15. Something interesting that i find not working to be real submissive is to call my love Sir….this word makes me feel away from him, beacause to me he is my love, my everything, how can i call him with such cold word? why do u use this word? anyone feeling same as i do?

    • Using the word Sir is a sign of respect. One does not have to use it. If you don’t like it, don’t use it. Find a word you do like.

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