Fair Warning

I want to talk about a few things. One is the next movie review post. Another is a pet peeve of mine. And another is the plan you, O readers, have not yet earned. Ready? Let’s go.

The next movie review post should be up in a couple of weeks. I will be talking about a truly great film, one that is regularly on and often tops lists of the greatest movies of all time. The film is called “Citizen Kane.” I know this film does not have the popularity of “Casablanca” or “Singin’ in the Rain.” But if I had a list of films everyone should see at least once (and I’m not saying I don’t), “Citizen Kane” would be right at the top of that list. Anyway, this is your fair warning that the review is coming up. So if you want to see the film before I review it, now is the time to look for it.

IMDB: Citizen Kane (1941)

TCMDB: Citizen Kane (1941)

Okay, now I want to talk about a pet peeve. Sometimes people ask me for a private conversation, and that I do not mind at all. I welcome such requests. But when I agree to start a private conversation and send the requesting party an e-mail, I really do not appreciate getting a minimal reply. If I address your questions in an e-mail, you should have the good manners to do more than just say “Thank you,” as if I had merely told you the time of day.

But what really irks me, is when someone asks for a private conversation, I answer some questions and then I get no reply at all. That is discourteous and disrespectful. And yes, this is the polite version of how I feel about it.

So here is the new policy for asking for a private conversation with me. You will introduce yourself and explain why you want a private conversation. If I deem that you are respectful enough to merit a reply, then I will allow one and only one question. I will reply to that one question and possibly ask a question of my own. If and only if you then respond respectfully, you might be allowed to ask me more questions.

I do not say that to be mean. That is truly not my intention. I want to help and answer questions if I am able. If you have a question that I can answer, I am happy to do so. I do not have time, however, for frivolous “conversations” where I do all the work. Life is too short.

Okay, so about that plan I mentioned several posts back… You still have not earned it. I asked for twenty individual commenters for that post. Given the number of views and visitors the WordPress stats for this site say I get, that should have been an easy target to hit. And I got all of nine commenters to respond to that post in the approximately two weeks I allowed for that challenge.

Since I am a generous fellow, I will give you, O readers, another chance. Two weeks from today (in the U.S., Eastern time zone) will be April 25. So I will set the deadline as being 11:59 PM (Eastern time), April 25. Which means at the time this is posted there are 342 hours (fourteen days and six hours) till the deadline. What must happen by this deadline? Twenty individual people must leave a comment for this post. If this post (the one you are reading right now) gets comments from twenty different individual commenters, I will tell you, O readers, the plan.

So leave a comment. Yes, even you. I want you to leave me a comment. It will not hurt. I promise. You can do it. I have faith in you.

49 Responses to “Fair Warning”

  1. Sir, personally I find you very generous in your willingness to answer questions even when the question is not necessarily clearly stated. I hope that your new rules help instigate a greater respect for your time and efforts. Here I am commenting because yes I do want to know the plan.

    I would also like to note to yourself and your readers that I was once a silent reader with no wordpress account but what I read here (over several months) at Liberate One encouraged me to join up, start a blog and start interacting within this vast and wonderful community.

    I would encourage other silent readers to do the same, even if not to create a blog. This community is supportive and interesting and if you are reading Liberate One’s intelligent, interesting and informative blog then please offer your respect and support to the author with ‘likes’ and comments. (Please forgive my lengthy comment).

  2. Hi I think your very generous about answering questions I know I’ve asked you plenty of them on private matters and found the answers you gave very helpful I love reading your posts mainly the ds one’s as I find those helpful and insightful as I struggle with my ds quirks would really like to hear your plan

  3. I am sorry that happened to you at all. I would have been very grateful for a response.
    I am considering watching this movie.

  4. Thank you for the movie recommendation.

    I apologize for not accepting any other sub challenges or commenting as of late. My kiddo has a chronic illness that has kept me in strict mother mode with no time for anything else.

  5. I totally agree with your new policy on questions. Thank you for stating your frustration in the polite mode here. Sometimes you do have to be very blunt with people or they don’t realize how disrespectful they are being.

  6. I actually would like to ask a question privately, if possible, Sir. It is just about getting into a D/s relationship.

    April 25th is a lovely day by the way, I should know.

    • Introduce yourself and explain why you want a private conversation. If you want the comment to remain private, say so and I will not approve it, which will keep anyone but you and me from seeing it.

  7. I appreciate your openness, honesty, and willingness to share. I have found it most helpful and sincerely hope you are treated with dignity and respect in the future when it comes to sharing your time and wisdom.

  8. I have been enjoying reading your blog silently for some time now and have finally found the courage to comment.

    I think your new rules are extremely fair; courtesy costs nothing after all.

    I, too, would very much like to hear about your plan.

    Citizen Kane is a fabulous film. I will watch it again and very much look forward to reading your review.

  9. I’m #14.. hopefully a few more pop up here before next week. Just started researching the D/s dynamic and this is by far the most insightful website I’ve come across – definitely more interested in becoming a sub than ever before. Thank you.

    • If by #14 you mean the fourteenth individual commenter for this post, you are in fact only number eight. But you still have a week and a few days to persuade your friends and the lurkers out there to leave a comment.

      Anyway, thank you for the kind complement. I am always glad to help submissives embrace their nature.

  10. Sir, typically I am someone that is admonished to sit down and shut up but now as I find myself struggling to navigate my submission and rectify my overwhelming desire, dare I say need, to please my Master, and my real world, alpha, dominant job and position in my biological family which require me to be in control. More often than not now my thoughts are not entirely clear to me especially with respect to D/s and I fear if I comment they will not be clear to You or anyone…so I don’t comment. With that said or should I say rambled, I post a comment today with the hopes of helping the count reach 20 and to tell you that I do appreciate your insights whether or not I find the right words to say so.


    • Thank you, and welcome to Liberate One. I hope you will comment more, so that we (myself and perhaps other commenters) can help you clarify your thoughts.

      • Thank you Sir. I will try. Hmmm I type those words and Yoda popped into my head. “Do or do not. There is no try.”

        I read some NSFW posts last night. I laughed to myself. In my circumstances political posts are NSFW too. :-/

        Thank you again Sir. I look forward to more insights from your words of wisdom and applying them to myself where appropriate as I grow.

  11. oooh. I think I might be comment number 20!! Yay if so. Thank you for this blog. I hope readers respect the policy and you notice a difference. I don’t check this blog all the time and I imagine some readers are like me and come every now and again for a read and then miss deadlines like this.

  12. There seems to be come confusion. I did not say I wanted twenty comments. I said I wanted twenty individuals to leave comments. As I write this comment, this post has comments from ten individuals. Not including me. So the number for getting to know the plan has not been met yet. But you are half way there. And you have a full week left to get there.

  13. bugger! I did not realise your comments are counted. Come on people – please show your appreciation. We all know you read it … take 2 seconds. Show you value this blog and want the articles, etc to keep coming. 🙂

    • Thank you, Ember. My comments are not counted. I do not count as one of the twenty individuals. Thank you for encouraging others to comment.

  14. Your insight on this blog has cleared my mind up on several different things I have been confused with with my Sir. I truly appreciate your insight on things Sir as it has given me a different perspective on things and makes me see things as my Sir sees them and has made things so much easier for me. So thank you and I enjoy this blog a lot Sir.

  15. Sir,
    I was lucky enough to have found your blog at what is a very confusing time for me. Your words- thoughts, opinions, fantasies, even rants- have been helpful. Thank you. I appreciate that you are generous with them.

  16. I love how you write.

    Happy Easter!

  17. Wow the persuasion of words. I, like many others here are finding themselves drawn to you and your insight. Sounds like there is a world full of people out there trying to find themselves… find where we truly fit in, and hopefully along the way be as true to ourselves as we can.

  18. Actually I normally don’t comment on one hand because I don’t think that I have something interesting to say on the other one just because I don’t dare. Well that’s for me, I thought you might be interested to know?

    • You should not think so little of yourself. You should dare to say more. You are a unique individual. And even if what you say has been said before, your comment might be the one that encourages or helps someone else. So please do comment more, Amylee. I hope to see more comments from you.

  19. Sir.
    This is my first time reading your blog. I too have found how others respond or lack of response to be disrespectful at times and it pleases me to see you take such a stance. I am new in my research into D/s relationships therefore I am grateful when others like you are willing to share your knowledge.

    I have seen Citizen Kane, was introduced to it several years ago and enjoyed it immensely. I look forward to immersing myself much deeper into the wisdom you impart here.

    I hope you reach the number of individual comments you require.

    Have a beautiful day.

    • Thank you, and welcome to Liberate One. And for the record, as I write this, only three more individual commenters need to leave a comment before the end of April 25.

  20. Dear Sir,
    Your articles are invaluable for the beginners, they help me so much! Actually, my native language is Russian. There is very little material on D/s in Russian, and I wonder, if I could translate your articles into Russian and put them up on livejournal.com with referrals.
    Yours sincerely,

    • Welcome to Liberate One. As long as you give credit to this blog and link back to the original posts, yes, you may translate the articles and post them on your livejournal.

  21. I’m a new reader and a beginner, I appreciate your openness. I The information you share is a gift I will cherish.

  22. More of a War of the Worlds girl myself. However i have nothing bad to say about Citizen Kane. Such imagaination back then, so many facets of the imagination to explore that were new and exciting. Now movies (and books) are just recycled ideas from a time when we weren’t afraid to speak up and dream out of the scope of the social norm.

  23. annabianca2014 Says:

    Thank you Sir for sharing your knowledge and advice. I am new here and will start reading your blog from the beginning. I do hope I can learn about the things I yearn to understand. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts and insight.

  24. Citizen Kane. My most memorable film / movie. Its not my favourite though.I remember feeling sadness then feeling terror in equal measure regarding the title character. Welles was chilling in that role. One struggled to remind oneself throughout the film it was fiction.
    Poignant at the end.I shall never forget it ever.
    a true classic masterpiece.
    I tried not to give any of the plot away as thats
    a wicked thing to do.
    I hope Sir you are able to review Citizen Kane
    sometime.I should be very interested to read
    your interpretation and thoughts
    Time to revisit Xanadu I have a copy in my eclectic film collection.
    My evening is now spoken for, a bowl of
    popcorn, curl up on the sofa, big smile.
    Thank you Sir for reminding me.
    North by Northwest next

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