An Explanation

I know, I know, I know. You are sitting there at your computer frustrated because I have promised three posts a week, and for the past week and a half, there were no posts at all. You are nearly in tears, waiting for the next entry here at Liberate One because you hang on every word… What? You don’t hang on every word? Why not? Is my blog not good enough? Heh. Anyway, I am here to explain the basic situation. If you care to know more, read on MacDuff.

Some of you may be aware that recently I had to walk away from a situation. I have since been working on finding a new outlet for my skills. On top of which, my financial situation does not have the stability I would prefer. I have been trying to figure out ways to change that as well.

Some of you may also be aware that I am not a normal person. Being an opinionated fellow with strange ideas, I do not easily plug into the common business structure. I can get along with others, but it tends to be a bit strained by them wondering why I cannot just be like everyone else. I would say my genius too often goes unappreciated, but that would hubris, so I won’t say it. The more likely explanation is just that I am weird.

Anyway, this blog, as fun as it can be, is not at the top of my list of priorities. It is further down the list than you might like, but until it somehow is able to contribute to my financial stability, it will not rise any higher.

But this is not the whole of my explanation for the lack of posts recently.

Being weird, I spend time having weird thoughts. Which is to say, I spend time thinking. Yes, I know, a dangerous practice, but I keep duct tape on hand in case my head is ever in danger of exploding. To the best of my knowledge, it has so far remained intact.

What the heckity darn was I about to say? Oh yes. I spend time thinking. And that lead me to considering why I was doing this blog, and what was I getting from it, and all kinda stuff like that. What? Didn’t I do all that just a few weeks ago? Well, yes, I did. But I did it again. Because I do that. Because that is what my brain does. Because I’m just weird that way, alright?

That said, I have gotten some really good comments recently. So I feel a little better now that this blog is actually a help, and not just me talking into the cyberwind. I know, I should not need to have my ego stroked. I am a Dominant, and my ego therefore is probably bigger than necessary anyway. Maybe. But there is something to be said for knowing ones work is not in vain. And also not merely vanity, as in the vanity of Ecclesiastes, which is to say, an impermanent vapor.

So I say all of that to say that I have not forgotten about this blog, or about you, O readers. Though I must make an adjustment to the three posts a week deal. It will be two to three posts a week. As much as I wish I could spend more time here ranting speaking eloquently about politics, blathering on giving good advice about D/s, and prattling speaking sagely about spiritual matters, the time is just not available to me right now.

How can that be, you ask with some suspicion. Alas I am not so skilled a writer that I can simply dash these posts off in mere minutes. I organize my thoughts and write and edit and consider and edit and write again. I have several drafts of posts you have not seen because they are simply not ready for publication yet. This takes time. I try to provide something good and of quality here at Liberate One. I know some posts fail miserably in that regard, but I do try to create something that is more than just another blog, more than just something I throw together in my spare time. Which means a thousand word post may take me a few hours to complete. The stories can take even more.

So please, if you will, bear with me as I try to get things away from the blog on a track amenable with my goals, and still try to provide the useless foolishness and nonsense quality wisdom and substance that I hope you have come to expect from Liberate One.

And by the by, in case you were wondering, as I write this, the Fair Warning post needs just two more individuals to comment for the plan to be revealed. You’re almost there. So very close. Keep going. Don’t stop.

Jeez! Was that narcissistic enough? Can you believe that Xajow guy? Why can’t he just apologize like a normal person? Thinks he’s smart or something. Oh look at me; my name is Xajow, and I like to hear myself type. Ha! Wait… is this mic still on? Oh sh[beep].

13 Responses to “An Explanation”

  1. Just found Your blog today. What i have noticed is that unlike other D/s blogs this is well written, entertaining, and worth revisiting. Please continue posting when You have the time to do so. i will be back to read more.

  2. I am sure we all appreciate the quality of your writing and advice, Xajow. I know for myself you have guided me on many matters where I have wanted to learn more before making a decision. I am happy to wait for your insights. 🙂

  3. I find your posts worth reading. Please continue them at whatever interval will work best for you and your quality (hopefully at least once a week).

  4. Quality vs. quantity? I will take quality any day.

  5. We’ll be here waiting. No worries.

  6. Hello. I just found your blog site today and i must say that as a new dom you have put many things into perspective for me and helped me figure out what I need to work on to grow as a dominant. I recently acquired a sub who is the first I have ever started to train. I would love to hear back from you for some advice as a new Dom and training a sub. she is very new to this type of relationship and we have discussed extensively the nature of the relationship we are entering into.

    Again, thank you very much for the enlightening information.

    • I expect to have a post up about training in the near future. But to more immediately answer you, I would say remember to take your time. Your submissive may be very eager, and may even ask for as much training as she thinks she can handle. You, as the Dom, need to control the flow of training. Take one step at a time. Make being trained in certain things a reward for training in a few initial things. Remember that the submissive, no matter how eager she might be, still needs time to adapt to the training and the rules. Remember too, training your submissive is not just teaching her to kneel or move a certain way. Training your submissive, even when it is something physical like kneeling, is making changes to how she thinks. You need to take your time for her sake and your own. You need to watch her and be aware of how she changes. I do not mean you have to progress so slowly it is boring or frustrating. I am saying do not be hasty. Take your time. Be aware of what you are doing and the changes it creates. It will help your submissive adjust, and it will help you know your submissive better.

  7. Thank you very much for your advice. I look forward to your post and appreciate you taking the time to help me. I will definitely be sticking around this blog. Very very helpful and well constructed.

  8. Sir,
    I hope that your situations resolve themselves quickly and to your satisfaction. We all understand that life does not always let us do the things we might like to do at the time we’d like to do them. I know I’m not alone when I say your words are meaningful, and I can’t be the only one who has learned something about themselves from them. Don’t worry about how often you can post. When you do, we’ll be here.

  9. Sir, I have been reading your posts lately and feel compelled to send you this message. There haven’t been any places to give you this message recently but The Father has laid you on my heart. You have mentioned on more than one occasion that you are a Christian and a Dom. I too believe that Christianity and a healthy D/s relationship are not mutually exclusive but that is another topic. I don’t have answers I only have small hands that can lift you up to one who’s hands are much bigger than mine. I do hope that I haven’t overstepped my bounds but I can’t and won’t apologize for listening to that still small voice that is nagging me to reach out to you in this small way. Below are some songs that keep popping into my mind when I pray for you.

    Respectfully Dawn

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