The Plan

So, now that you have earned it, you get to be told the plan. Yes, that is correct. The plan, or at least a plan, will now be revealed. But first, an acknowledgement and a prize. Didn’t I mention there would be a prize? No? Heh. Was that intentional or not? You’ll never know. Anyway, on with the show.

The person who was the twentieth individual to leave a comment at the “Fair Warning” post was someone who goes by the handle annabianca2014. She gets the prize. What has she won? She may give me a plot idea for the next “Dream” story I write. And to have her name used in that story, if she so desires. All she has to do is leave a comment here for this post stating her preferences. I will keep the comment private unless she agrees to let it be seen publicly.

So what is the plan? Glad you asked? The plan is this, my “Dream” stories will be used as rewards when my readers are good. When I ask for comments or suggestions, and you, O readers, give them to me, you will get rewarded with a sexy short (or brief as sometimes happens) story. Which means if I try something like Project August again (not saying I will), and I don’t get any suggestions when I ask for them, you don’t get a sexy story.

Yes, this is imperfect. And the “What I Want” series is not a part of this plan. Those I usually post as a selfish expression. Anyway, I know the erotica of the little “Dream” stories are among the popular posts here. And I want to use that to manipulate you… er, I mean encourage you to participate by leaving comments, asking questions and so on.

So that is the plan. Yes, it is a small plan. But it will do for now.

That said, I have a “Dream” post waiting. It is about 3900 words, so I will probably break it up into smaller chunks. Here is a brief sample.

She was kneeling. She did not really have much choice. Her forearms were bound behind her back by a leather strap. Her wrists and ankles were adorned by red leather bondage cuffs. The cuffs were locked closed with small padlocks. In addition, the left wrist cuff was locked to the right ankle cuff, and the right wrist cuff was locked to the left ankle cuff. She was kneeling on a large soft mat and looking down at the words printed at the top of the mat. Time Out Mat. Be still. Think quietly. Discipline. Obedience.

Her focus was largely on those last two words. As she quietly thought about her actions, each time she began to contemplate justifications for her disobedience, those words interrupted her thinking. Discipline. Obedience. She had been disobedient. She glanced at the note that he had taped down beside those words on the mat. Remember, you asked for this.

If you want more, you will have to be good. To be good, you will need to suggest lines for submissives to say while kneeling. You may suggest one line or several. I want to see good suggestions from at least ten different people in the comments below. Then you will get the first part of the short story I have titled “A Dream of Discipline”.

That is all for now. Be good, and keep breathing.

22 Responses to “The Plan”

  1. Humm suggestions well maybe this
    I am my masters
    I will obey
    I will learn
    My master will teach me
    I will be disciplined for any misbehaviour

    How’s that for a suggestion ? Hope you like it

  2. Sir, I respectfully suggest:

    I am Sir’s to do with as he pleases.
    I am here to serve Sir’s wants and needs.
    I am grateful for Sir’s discipline.

    Thank you Sir.

  3. I have disappointed Master so i must be punished to pay for my mistake. Master only punishes me to help me learn to be a better submissive.

  4. Sir is to be obeyed, Sir is to be pleasured, Sir is to be obeyed, Sir is to be pleasured, Sir is to be obeyed, Sir is to be pleasured…..

  5. Sir, hmmm suggestions…

    ‘I serve with careful attention to detail, striving to improve and make my Sir proud.’

    ‘All I do reflects on my Sir’

    ‘I serve with respect and self awareness.’

    ‘I am a submissive. My submission is beautiful.’

  6. I gratefully and willingly surrender to ______.
    ______ reveals my strength
    ______ refines my character
    through my submission to _______ I am given the courage to become the best version of myself.

  7. If you don’t mind me commenting on this Mr. Xajow…..
    Nice, I like this Satiety. I also like the end. ” My submission is beautiful. “

  8. Sir, I just came across this one in a post at , just replace the word ‘pet’ with the word ‘submissive’ *said with respect and a smile* Sir

    A good pet listens to its master.
    A good pet is polite.
    A good pet knows the rules.
    A good pet doesn’t spout off until its master is ready.

  9. You are my world, Sir. Every moment i think of ways to be better for You and to please You.

  10. -My submission to Master frees me.
    -Master wants to teach, not punish me.
    -A good girl pleases Sir, misbehaving doesn’t.
    -All I say and do is to be done with respect for Master.

  11. My suggestions:

    He is my Master, I am his (insert whatever she is: girl, slave, pet, slut, etc). In my submission is his pleasure. In his control is mine.

    My purpose is to please my Master.

    Obedience is a choice. Punishment or praise are earned by my choices. I choose to obey.

    A submissive gives generously, serves gracefully, waits patiently, responds respectfully, and submits with strength and honor.

  12. heathermoore534 Says:

    I understand this statement now. “The sole purpose of submission is to be pleasing for the Dominant.” A Dominant does not express dominance over a submissive because she desires it. A submissive does not respond to a Dominant’s control because he demands it. If she responds to his dominance, then this is simply a natural expression of herself. If the expression of her submission is pleasing to his dominant nature, then his dominance will be drawn out more in response to her.

    Thank you. I will leave it at that.

    • That is one way of looking at it. I am not sure why you are thanking me, but you’re welcome. And welcome to Liberate One.

  13. Liirenfei Says:

    One of the things I struggle most with is voicing my desires. I’ll sit and stew instead of asking for what I want, whether it is to be used as my Dominant wishes or something as simple as to be allowed to curl up at their feet. My Dominant loves it when I beg for things, though it is rare and my mind has to be nearly gone for me to not allow pride to seal my lips. To help, this is one of the things I’m to say while kneeling or being beaten: “Good girls ask for what they want.”

    Further suggestions:
    “My pride should not interfere with my Master’s/Mistress’s pleasure.”
    “Master/Mistress wants a vocal submissive.”
    “I am to serve with my words as well as actions.”

  14. Little D Says:

    Thank you for this wonderful website. I am new to the lifestyle. I met my Dom in a casino in Las Vegas. I had no idea this was what I was looking for until I met him. Now I am ravenous and want to learn all I can about how to please him in every way possible. Thank you so much for your insight .

  15. Little D Says:

    Please forgive me for being so bold but when can we expect to read another segment of Extreme Dreams of Control? Such beautiful writing! I wish I was the Good Girl. EL James owes you some royalties!

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