What I Want #5 (Not Safe For Work)

You will notice that the formatting is different for this one. I am trying something new. Anyway, on with the warning. Here at Liberate One World Headquarters (LOWH), this post has been determined to be Not Safe For Work (NSFW) by the Official Committee For Determining Which Things Are Not Safe For Work (OCFDWTANSFW). This determination was made because in this post naughty words have been used to describe things of a dirty, licentious, sexual and possibly even arousing nature. This post is intended only for mature adults who want and are legally allowed by the laws in their area to read things of a dirty, licentious, sexual and possibly even arousing nature. If you are not a such an adult and/or are puritanical, you are advised to seek entertainment elsewhere. You have been warned.

– – – – –

I want to have told her what to wear

to have her wear a short skirt

to have her wear those sexy sheer thong panties

to imagine her walking in those all day long.


I want to call her to tell her to meet me in the backyard

to tell her to wait for me and not sit down

to tell her to expect something exciting

to think about her waiting while I drive there.


I want to drive up and walk to the backyard

to find her there pacing back and forth

to see her look up at me and smile

to wonder what she thinks is about to happen.


I want to tell her to take off her panties

to see her blush brightly

to watch her pull the flimsy fabric from her legs

to see that they are damp.


I want to tell her to take off her shoes

to see her legs move as she remove the high heels

to see her stand there in her nervous expectation

to make her wait while I look her over.


I want to walk up to her and grab her arm

to pull her to the wall

to pin her arms there

to see her confused excitement.


I want to lean in and kiss her hard

to push my tongue to her mouth

to feel her chest against mine

to feel her eagerly kiss back.


I want to release her arms

to unfasten my pants

to feel her embrace me

to grab her ass and lift her up.


I want to end the kiss

to tell her that I am going to fuck her

to see her eyes widen

to hear her tell me we are outside.


I want to listen to her softly and halfheartedly protest

to smile at her

to tell her to be quiet if she does not want anyone to hear

to push my boxer briefs down.


I want to hold her ass with my arms

to dip my cock under her skirt

to bring the glans of my stiff cock to her crotch

to watch her whimper with the knowledge of what is about to happen.


I want to push into her slowly

to see her bite her bottom lip

to see her eyes slowly close in pleasure

to feel her wet, warm flesh slowly envelop my cock.


I want to push deep into her

to hold myself there

to savor the sweetness of the moment

to feel the tight heat of her pussy on my cock.


I want to begin to move inside her

to oh-so-slowly fuck her

to listen to her lusty sighs

to feel her warm, slick flesh squeezing my erection.


I want to smile devilishly back to her

to see her start to fully understand my intentions

to hear her tell me someone will hear

to tell her I don’t care.


I want to start fucking her hard and fast

to see her writhe against the wall in her lust

to hear her try to stifle her moans and whimpers

to feel her wet pussy take my cock over and over.


I want to tell her that she is mine

to tell her that I will have her when and where I want

to tell her that she is beautiful in her lust

to hear her moan into lips held tightly shut.


I want to feel the ache in my arms from holding her up

to feel my lust grow with every angelic whimper she makes

to feel the hot tension in my loins grow

to feel her pussy squeeze my cock with every thrust.


I want to notice I am grunting

to notice my hips are slamming to hers

to feel her try to wrap her legs around me

to feel that sweet moment on the precipice of orgasm.


I want to shove my hips to hers

to feel her squeeze my hips with her legs

to feel her pussy clench my hard cock

to feel the sweet release of cum inside her.


I want to put my mouth to her ear

to moan as I cum

to tell her she is a sexy girl

to tell her she is mine.


I want to hold myself inside her

to feel her warmth even after my orgasm is done

to feel her holding me with her arms and legs

to feel her holding me with her pussy.


I want to kiss her once more

to feel her moan into my mouth

to feel her arms squeeze me

to feel her soft lips on mine.


I want to pull out of her

to put her down

to ask if she came

to see her silently shake her head.


I want to tell her to kneel

to tell her to put her mouth to use

to watch her smile and kneel

to see her look up at me with mischievousness.


I want to watch her put her arms behind her back

to see her look over my wet cock

to see her begin to lick the fluids from my cock

to feel her warm tongue tease my lust.


I want to watch her lick my cock up and down

to see her lick around my cock

to see her even lick my scrotum

to see her staring at my cock as she works.


I want to see her lips move to the tip of my cock

to see her start to suckle on the glans

to feel her warm, soft lips,

to feel that welcome shiver of desire.


I want to watch her tease my cock with her mouth,

to see her bobbing her head back and forth

to see her staring up at me

to see her watching me grin lustfully at her.


I want her to pull her head back

to hear her playfully ask if she did a good job cleaning up

to see her girlish smirk

to see her smirk give way to a grin.


I want to pet her on the head

to tell her she did well

to tell her how beautiful she is on her knees

to tell her that she is a good girl.


I want to hear her thank me

to hear the gratitude in her voice

to hear her call me Master

to know she means it.


I want to pull my clothes back up

to tell her I know she did not cum

to tell her that she is a good girl

to tell her I will let her cum later.


I want to see the half pout on her face

to see her realize I know that leaves her horny for the day

to see that twinkle of lust in her eyes

to see the mischievous look that tells me I should be careful what I wish for.


I want to lean down and kiss the top of her head

to tell her to leave her panties off

to give her breast a squeeze

to tell her once more that she is a good girl.


I want to hear her thank me

to walk away from her

to return to my other tasks for the day

to be aroused by thoughts of her the rest of the day.

 – – – – –

To be honest, I am not sure how well that worked out. It feels rough, but then, I also kinda feel that it should be. Anyway, give me feedback.

I am still waiting to hear back from annabianca2014 about her idea for another story. If you see her about, give her a nudge.

As I write this, just two more people need to give suggestions of a line or lines over at the post about The Plan. I know there are two more people out there with ideas about what things a submissive might repeat while kneeling. Someone out there has a great idea and perhaps is a little timid about sharing it. Don’t be. Sharing it won’t hurt, and I really do want to see your suggestion.

Until next time, students, be good.

19 Responses to “What I Want #5 (Not Safe For Work)”

  1. Oh my, Sir. That was… Umm… Wow. I think the format worked very well, as did the, uh, content. I liked it very much. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Sir, you done good. *smiles mischievously* the format It works very well breaking it out into each thought, each desire. I think the roughness suited you and put an edge to your dominant. I liked it very much, Sir.

    (that type of format is what I had trouble with on one of my poems, except I was trying to indent the 2nd two lines equally and couldn’t get it to work, dang it, Sir *smile*)

  3. Sir, that was a work of art. Sexy, arousing, exciting and makes my submissive self long to kneel. I enjoyed the format. I think it worked very well. The pacing was lovely, slowing the reading eye down to absorb the content fully. Hmmm, I think it’s time to read it again… Thank you Sir for such a delightfully decadent read.

  4. Karelyi Says:

    The new formatting works well. It helps build the suspense and tension in your post. Thank you for sharing another WIW with us all.

    • Thank you. I am glad you saw the formatting build tension since that was part of my intent.

    • And by “that was part of my intent” what I actually mean to say is, it is nice when something planned actually seems to work. I was not sure it would.

  5. littleannab Says:

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  6. Reblogged this on Ties That Bind Us and commented:
    Sound a little like my morning conversation, now not so sure.

  7. Ummm…. I want more please. That was powerefuk. Written very well. Please don’t be concerned about it being rough….. All the better.

  8. Yeah okay… so I didn’t head the warning and I read it at work. Damn. I’m very new here and this is the second thing I’ve read and your writing is phenomenal. Love it.

  9. I think the roughness gave it life an urgency ; yet at the same time a well planned encounter

  10. Sir, would you consider writing about WHY you want what you want? I have found much on the topic of what motivates a sub to seek a D / s relationship, but I can’t seem to find any writing to explain the appeal from a Dom’s perspective. If you have already written on the topic, perhaps you could direct me to a post? Thank you.

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