A Dream of Discipline

First the warning, then the explanation. This post is Not Safe For Work. It has been rated M for mature by the Official Rating Things Board of Liberate One World Headquarters. This blog contains a fictional scene of Dominance/submission. This scene includes descriptions of kneeling, bondage, spanking and a time out mat. If you are offended in any way by such things, well, this is the warning, so maybe you should choose now to go elsewhere for distraction. The language herein is relatively clean, but you might come across the occasional naughty word. You have been warned.

Now the explanation. I got ten different people to suggest lines for a submissive to say while kneeling. Yes there was a reason for the request, which you, O readers, will learn about in a future post. Anyway, the deal was that if I got ten different people to make suggestions, I would post this “Dream” story. Originally, I was going to break it up into smaller pieces. But that means figuring out where to break it up and multiple posts, and I just don’t feel like doing all that. Also, I think I mentioned before that this “Dream” was about 3900 words. With a few edits, it became closer to 4600 words. Yes, 4600 words. Which means this post is three to four times longer than a normal post. Just thought I should tell you up front how long this one is.

Yes, I am drawing this out a bit. I want you to anticipate.

And now, without further ado, the story begins.

– – – – –

She was kneeling. She did not really have much choice. Her forearms were bound behind her back by a leather strap. Her wrists and ankles were adorned by red leather bondage cuffs. The cuffs were locked closed with small padlocks. In addition, the left wrist cuff was locked to the right ankle cuff, and the right wrist cuff was locked to the left ankle cuff. She was kneeling on a large soft mat and looking down at the words printed at the top of the mat. Time Out Mat. Be still. Think quietly. Discipline. Obedience.

Her focus was largely on those last two words. As she quietly thought about her actions, each time she began to contemplate justifications for her disobedience, those words interrupted her thinking. Discipline. Obedience. She had been disobedient. She glanced at the note that he had taped down beside those words on the mat. Remember, you asked for this.

She had asked. Not for this specific moment of bondage on the time out mat. But she had asked for more rules. More of his control. And he had started to give it to her. And she had disobeyed. She had disobeyed a simple command because it had been inconvenient to her plans. And he had told her to take a time out. She had sat down on the time out mat. She was supposed to sit there for ten minutes, but she had gotten up after only five. She had not believed he would really punish her further. She had been proven wrong.

The time out mat was in a far corner of the room. He sat some feet away, on his recliner. She was facing the wall, but he could see her easily from his chair. He was watching her. The television was on, but his attention was on her. He watched her posture slowly change from a defiant pouting to pitiful pouting. She had stared at the wall for about five minutes, but then her gaze had dropped. She stared at the words at the top of the mat for about ten minutes. She had been quiet the whole time.

He sat there, waiting for the right moment. She would be released from her time out when he thought she was ready. Which he believed would be soon.

He remained in his recliner, but he was not impassively watching. Inside his pants, his cock was stiff. It was not the punishment that had him aroused. It was the sight of her bound and kneeling. There was something beautiful, almost spiritual about that image. And the image represented him taking control, of the situation and of her, in a way he had never dared to try before. It felt really good. And yet, at the back of his mind, he wondered if this was all about to backfire. Had he pushed her too far? Was he wrong to be aroused by what he had done?

Remember, you asked for this. She stared at those words. When he had pretended there would be some kinky playing and gotten her to put on the wrists and ankle cuffs, she had wondered why he seemed to have chosen not to be angry at her disobedience. And then he had told her to kneel. Still in her T-shirt, skirt and sneakers, she had knelt at his feet and smiled sexily up at him. He told her to stay, and then he stepped around behind her. He had been gentle when he pulled her arms behind her and put the strap around her forearms just below her elbows. Then she had felt him pull her hands a little. When she heard the snap of the locks, she worried, but only a little. He had been so gentle when he picked her up in his arms. But then he had carried her to the time out mat. She had shouted in protest as soon as she realized he was not taking her to bed. He had said nothing until he put her down on the mat.

“One word that is not part of an apology for disobedience,” he had said with stern calm in a near-whisper, staring into her eyes and with his face almost touching hers, “and I will gag you and blindfold you and leave you here until I feel like letting you up. Is that perfectly clear?”

She had stared blankly at him. For the first time ever, she had felt a fear that he was truly angry at her.

“I said, is that perfectly clear?”

She had nodded slowly. She had known in that moment he was serious. But her fear had vanished almost as soon as he was out of her face. She had quickly convinced herself that he would not let her be in time out for long. He would give in and let her out. So she had sat there calmly, with her chest pushed out, staring at the wall. When he had returned a minute later, she had believed that he had given in already. But he had not released her. All he had done was tape that note down. Remember, you asked for this.

For the first five minutes of watching her, he wondered if she would remain defiant. After all her insistent requests for him to take more control, would she now resent it? She was on the time out mat that she had chosen. When they had first gotten it, he had watched her paint the words that were on the top of the mat. She had painted the first three sets of words. Time Out Mat. Be still. Think quietly. He had told her to add the next two words. Discipline. Obedience. She had hesitated but complied. And together they had placed the mat over in the corner of the den, where she would face the wall, and he could watch her.

And for that first five minutes, he had watched her, wondering what she was thinking about her request for more control. And then she had turned her gaze from the wall to the mat. The stiff posture of her spine had relaxed a bit. He had smiled but said nothing. He had continued to watch her. Ten more minutes had gone by before she seemed to turn her head slightly. He realized she was looking at the note he had put down there for her. Soon, he thought, she will be ready soon.

She stared at that note. Remember, you asked for this. She could remember every word she had used to ask him to be more dominant in their relationship. She could remember every word she had used when, after he had started taking more control, she had practically begged him for even more control. He had been unsure about doing more, but she had pleaded and begged. She had even suggested the time out space as a possible discipline. When he had bought her the large, thick yoga mat to be the time out mat, she had been delighted. She had gotten out her craft paint and painted in bold yellow letters on the black mat. Time Out Mat. Be still. Think quietly. He had told her she needed two more words to think about while kneeling in time out. Discipline. Obedience. She had painted those words, not realizing what they would mean to her as she knelt there and stared at them.

She looked at those words. Discipline. Obedience. And then at the note. Remember, you asked for this. She was getting what she had asked for. He was giving her what she had asked for, and she had disrespected him. She turned her head away from him. She felt the wet sting of tears fill her eyes. She closed her eyes and felt the tears roll down her cheeks.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. She could barely hear the words, and she knew he did not hear them at all.

Actually, the sound bounced out of the corner of the room, and he could just hear that she had whispered something. He muted the sound from the television.

The sudden silence shocked her. Had he really heard her? Or could he simply read her so well?

“I’m sorry,” she whispered again.

“Speak up, girl,” he said. “I can’t hear you.”

“I-I’m sorry.” Not whispering the words seemed to make saying them more difficult.


“I’m sorry.”

“But not enough to be respectful.”

“I’m sorry, Sir.”

“Better. Keep going.”

She swallowed. He was expecting her to say more. She did not want to say more. To say more, to make the apology she knew she should, would be admitting she truly had been bad. After all her pleading and begging for more control, she felt now that the weight of having to say she had been bad might just crush her.

He waited quietly for her to gather her thoughts. He began to see that this would be difficult for her. He had never really made her do this before. He would know if she truly wanted more of his control by what she said next.

“I am sorry, Sir, for being disobedient. For… For disappointing you.” The words were hesitant, catching in her throat. She felt ill. She realized in that moment she felt ill not because of the words, but because she had been disobedient. She had disappointed him when he had given her the very thing she craved. She had been bad. “For not… For not respecting you. For not respecting that you were taking control. For not obeying your command. For… for being… for being a bad girl.” Saying those last two words seemed to rip away her remaining calm. She began to sob. She tried again to say she was sorry, but what came from her mouth was an unintelligible mixture of sobs and vowel sounds.

He stayed in his recliner. He watched her shake with sobs. He listened to her cry. It hurt him to hear her cry, but he wanted her to cry without comfort for a bit. It was part of her punishment. Slowly he stood. A part of him wanted to cradle her and tell her not to worry, that he would never do this to her again. But he knew that would be the wrong thing to do. She was showing him she did want his control. And he realized that he wanted her to have it.

“P-please,” she eventually managed to say, “I am so sorry, Sir.” She tried to still herself so she could speak. “Forgive me.” She began sobbing again. Not until she had asked for forgiveness had she realized how deeply she wanted him to forgive her. But he did not come to her. She sobbed loudly. She knew she would break in two if he did not forgive her.

And then suddenly she felt his hand on her back. His hand slid to her shoulder. His body was next to her, and she leaned to him. She sobbed harder. She felt relief like she had never known before.

“Shh, now, little one,” He said softly into her ear. “Everything is going to be okay.” He kissed her tear dampened cheek. He held her gently. He smiled. Everything truly was going to be okay. He felt relieved. He held her until her sobbing died down.

“Please,” she said as she looked at him, “say… Sir, please say you forgive me. I need to hear it. Please.”

“Your punishment is not over yet, but yes, I forgive you.”

She smiled and started crying again. “Thank you. Thank you, Sir.”

He kissed her cheek again and then knelt down behind her. He removed the strap from her arms, and then removed the locks that held her wrists and ankles together. He reached up and massaged her shoulders and her upper arms. He stepped around her to stand in front of her. She looked up at him and then began to stand up.

“Did I say you could stand up?”

She paused. She had rocked backward to put her feet under her and leaned forward a bit to put her hands on the floor. “No,” she said. Then she quickly corrected herself. “No, Sir.” She moved back to her kneeling position. She looked up at him. He was looking down at her.

She smiled. This was something she had imagined. She felt submissive in a new way. She was not just being obedient. She was kneeling at his feet. She did not know what would happen next. He was in charge of the whole situation. He was in control. She felt as if now she was truly submitting.

“As I said, your punishment is not over,” he told her. “You were put in time out because you were disobedient. But then you were disobedient again, so I made sure you would stay in time out. But that was punishment for disobedience. Your disrespect, however, has not yet been addressed.”

Her smile vanished.

“Because your disobedience stemmed from your disrespect,” he continued, “I have saved the harsher punishment until now. But I want to know that you understand the reason for this punishment. Do you?”

She nodded. She swallowed. “I asked for more control, and then did not respect it when you began to exercise more control, Sir.”

“That is partly right. When you initially disobeyed, you were disrespecting the act of my exercising more control. But when you cut short your first time out, you were directly disrespecting me.”

“But…” Her eyes widened. He was correct, of course. A part of her wanted to deny it, to argue against it. But his gaze staring down at her exposed her. “Yes, Sir. I’m sorry, Sir.”

“You don’t get to have it that easy.” He did not like this part of the punishment. She looked sad, and her sadness seemed to draw out sadness in him. There was no turning back however. “Say what you did, little one.”

“I…” She knew the words. The sentences were fully formed in her mind. But to speak them… to say out loud what she had done…

“Acknowledge what you did by admitting it out loud.” He reached out and petted her hair. “I know what you did. This is for your benefit. Say the words, little one.”

She embraced his legs and leaned her head against his thigh. She began to cry again, but somehow holding onto him seemed to give her strength.

“I was disrespectful, Sir. I disrespected your control. And then I disrespected you, Sir. I am a bad girl. I am sorry, Sir.” She had said what he told her to say, but there was more she needed to say. “I am a bad girl, Sir. I should… I should be punished. Please… Please, Sir, discipline me. Discipline your bad little girl. Please.” She hugged his legs tightly and squeezed her eyes shut. She felt hot tears sting her eyes and fall down her face.

He was smiling again. Not at her sadness, but in relief that she had proven again that she truly did want his control. He stroked her hair and let her cry for a few moments.

“Everything is going to be okay, little one. I promise.” He gently petted the top of her head. “Stand up.” He watched her let go of his legs and slowly stand. She wiped tears from her eyes, but her face was wet. She looked him in the eyes, but only for a moment. She stared down at her feet. “Go blow your nose, little one.”

“Yes, Sir,” she said softly. She walked over to the table beside his recliner, grabbed a tissue and blew her nose. She grabbed another tissue to repeat the action. She felt sheepish about having broken down so much in front of the man whom she wanted to be proud of her. After throwing the tissues in the trash can, she stood by his recliner, wondering what he had in store.

“Now then, little girl, you will remove your skirt and your panties. You will lean over the arm of that chair and put your face in the seat. I am going to spank you. This will not be a fun spanking with a slow build up. This will be a harsh, punishment spanking. As such, there will be no chatting. You will count each strike on your ass, and you will thank me for each strike. If you move from the chair, try to cover your ass, miss a count or fail to thank me, the spanking will start over. If I have to stop and bind you to keep you from moving, the spanking will not only start over, but you will get double the spanks. When the spanking is finished, you will get on your knees and thank me for your punishment. Is that all fully understood?”

She felt anxious the moment he said he was going to spank her. She had to struggle to pay attention to all he said without being distracted by thinking about the pain that was about to happen to her. A spanking. A punishment spanking. She felt a strange mixture of fear and arousal. He was being serious about taking more control of her behavior. But what would he use to spank her? She bit her lip and focused as best she could on what he was telling her. When he asked if she understood, she whimpered and nodded her head.

“I said, is that all fully understood?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good. Then begin.”

“Yes, Sir.”

She pushed her skirt and panties down over her hips and let them fall to the floor. She stepped out of them and turned to lean over the arm of the recliner. She grabbed the other arm of the chair and rested her forehead on the seat. She wondered how she looked with her bare ass up in the hair.

He thought she looked delightful. His cock stirred. He would have to try fucking her in that position sometime. But right now she was to be spanked. He unbuckled his belt. He paused, and the pulled the belt from the belt loops as fast as he could. He wanted her to hear the soft rasp of leather against fabric and the gentle thwap-thwap-thwap of the leather passing through the belt loops that would let her know he was going to use his belt.

He stood at her side and firmly held the belt buckle in his hand. He wrapped the leather once around his hand and then folded the rest of the belt in half. He grabbed the folded edge of the leather loop, made the loop bow open to make a O shape, and then slapped the loop of belt leather closed. He watched her jump at the sound. She whimpered. He smiled.

It seemed wrong that he might enjoy this. But it was not enjoyment he felt; it was a kind of satisfaction. No, not satisfaction either, he thought. It was just… right. She had asked for this. He had been unsure he could give this to her. But he could. And it was right. And that pleased him.

“No moving,” he reminded her.

“Yes, Sir.”

He lifted the looped belt up high over his head and let his arm fall. The leather struck across her ass with a satisfying smack.

“Ow!” she said. Instinctively she let go of the arm of the chair started to move her hand. She wanted to protect her ass from the pain. But she froze in mid motion. There was a brief pause as she realized she had made a mistake. She put her hand back on the the arm of the chair and gripped it all the more tightly.

“And already I have to start again,” he said. He lifted the loop of belt leather and brought it down to her ass.

“Two! Ow! Thank you, Sir.”

“Wrong again. We start over.” Once more he slapped the leather belt against her ass.

“One! Thank you, Sir.”

“Better.” He lifted the belt and brought it down. It was an easy motion and resulted in a pleasing smack of leather on her round ass.

“Two! Thank you, Sir.” This was nothing at all like the times when he had playfully spanked her. There was no gentleness. There was no gradual build up of heat and pain. This was punishment, plain and simple. It hurt. And she was eager for the next strike. “Three! Thank you, Sir.” Already she felt like her ass was burning. She hated this spanking. But she loved it too. “Four! Thank you, Sir.” It hurt a lot. And it was burning away the guilt of her disobedience and disrespect. “Five! Thank you, Sir.”

He watched the stripe he was causing on her ass start out light and gradually get darker. Each time the leather struck her ass, the stripe got a little bit darker. She had flinched away from the pain for the first few strikes, but she was starting to push her ass up toward him. He could tell by the gasps of pain in her voice as she counted that she was not enjoying this spanking, but she was taking it as if she were eager for it. That pleased him. He began to use more force in his down swing. She counted the strokes and thanked him, her voice expressing a little more pain each time. Gradually she pushed her as up as high as she could get it.

“Feet flat on the floor,” He told her.

“Yes, Sir,” she said as her ass and the heels of her feet lowered a few inches.

The leather smacked her ass once more.

“Ten!” she correctly counted. “Thank you, Sir.”

“Almost done,” he said.

She whimpered. He noticed that she was trembling.

“Relax, little one. Breathe deep.” He raised the loop of belt leather and lowered it again.

“Eleven! Thank you, Sir.” She wanted the spanking to end, for the pain to stop. But she wanted the spanking to go on, to burn away all of her disappointment in herself. And to show him she wanted all the control she asked for. “Twelve! Ohgod! Thank you, Sir.”

He noticed something else in her voice. He brought the leather down again just to hear it. There it was. Not just pain, but gratitude. She was not just saying thank you. She meant it. Three more times he made the leather belt meet the now dark stripe on her ass. Each time she seemed more grateful. But that was eighteen total spanks with the belt, which was more than he thought she would take. He patted her ass gently.

“Beautiful,” he said in a kind voice. “You wait right there. Don’t move.”

She wanted to move. She wanted to go to the bathroom so she could see her ass in the mirror. She wanted just to stand. But she stayed bent at the waist over the arm of the chair. What was he doing? Was there to be more punishment? She wanted to be his good girl, but she was not sure how much more punishment she could take.

He left the room and returned with the tube of aloe and lidocaine from the kitchen. He paused behind her. There was something lovely about the way she was bent over the chair, with her ass exposed. His cock twitched. He took a deep breath. Everything in its time, he reminded himself.

She felt the gel as something cool on her skin. Then she felt his hands gently spread the gel over her ass. She breathed in through her teeth. The contact renewed her awareness of the pain for a moment, but slowly the gel did its work. The stinging pain began to subside. And she began to cry once more. It was a soft, gentle crying. The punishment was over. She was not crying from pain or sadness. She was crying because she felt happy. When he finished rubbing the gel into her skin, he gave her ass a swat, and she laughed.

“What is so funny?”

“Nothing,” she replied. “I just… I feel happy. I feel like laughing.”

“Oh you do, do you?”

She suddenly remembered the rest of his instructions. She lifted her torso, but did not look at him. She felt as though looking at him too soon might burn her soul. Even so, she found it hard to stifle a giggle as she knelt down. He was in control. He was Her Dominant. She was happy. She knelt at his feet and then crawled back a short distance. She leaned forward and kissed his shoes.

“Thank you, Sir,” she said. “Thank you for my punishment. For all of it. For the time out. For the spanking. I was a bad girl. And at first, I felt upset, but now I feel happy. I am happy you are in control. Thank you, Sir. For everything.” She paused a moment. She kissed his shoes once more. “I love you.”

“I know,” he said as he stared down at her. This was what she had been asking for all along. A few weeks ago, it had seemed all wrong. She could not possibly have meant it. Yet, here she was, kneeling at his feet and even planting kisses on his shoes. And she was happy. And so was he.

She felt a moment of concern when he grabbed her hair and pulled her up to a standing position. He stared into her eyes with a focus that seemed to bore down into her soul. And then he embraced her and kissed her mouth. She leaned to him and squeezed him in her arms and kissed him back.

“Thank you, Sir,” she said when he pulled back from the kiss. “Thank you, thank you, thank you. I promise to be good from now on.”

“I know you will,” he said with a smirk. “You are my good little girl.”

“Oh yes,” she said happily. She kissed him. “Yes, your good girl.” She kissed him. “Oh god, yes, your good little girl.” She kissed him. “Thank you, Sir.” She kissed him again.

And he grabbed the back of her head and pushed his tongue to her mouth. She sucked on his tongue and held tightly to him. She felt like she was weightless. She squeezed him as hard as she could to keep from floating away. She whimpered when he finally ended the kiss.

“I believe you have unfulfilled instructions, little girl.”

“Yes, Sir,” she said with a nod. He meant the command he had given her in the first place. The command she had disobeyed. “I will do it now, Sir.”

“I know you will.” He smiled at her and released her from his embrace. He reached up and wiped tears from her face. “You’re beautiful.”

“Thank you, Sir.” She grinned at him. “You are the most amazing man.”

“I know,” he said with a smirk. “It’s because I’m so humble.” He gently patted her warm ass. “Get to work.”

“Yes, Sir.” She leaned over to pick up her panties and skirt.

“Did I tell you to put those back on?”

“No, Sir, but—”

“You can pick them up later. You have something else to do.”

“Yes, Sir.” She blushed at the idea of obeying his command without even her panties on. But she dropped the garments and walked slowly away. She made sure to sway her spanked ass as she headed off to obey his command.

He grinned.

– – – – –

I hope you enjoyed that. Please leave your comments, praises or criticisms or both. Feedback is how I know you read it and how I get information for deciding how I craft future writings. If you think your comment would be unimportant, you are wrong. Remember, you got this story for free. Your feedback is all the payment I get.

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What is taking me so long? Well, stuff happens, and until I figure out how to get paid for writing this blog, I have some other things to do. Any wealthy readers out there with a several thousand dollars to spare, feel free to offer me money. I could get some debts paid off and focus more time on this blog. Just saying.

Until next time, students, remember to keep breathing and take all the wooden nickels you can find. They are probably worth more than actual nickels these days.

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  1. littleannab Says:

    Oh wow awesome. I felt like I was there. Holy hell its hot in here. 🙂
    Anna Bianca

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    Oh this is anna by the way. I still have same email. Sir 😉

  3. What a terrific story about punishment. I really enjoy reading your stories. Thank you for sharing Sir

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  6. Sir, I appreciate you writing this story, providing a new submissive’s perspective, along with the concern of the Dominant. As a new submissive I am curious how I would respond as more and more control is taken away. This really isn’t about discipline as much as it is about a new submissive really understanding what she has asked for and honoring that request not only to the Dominant she requested it of but of herself. Thank you for the story, Sir.

  7. Since other commenters mentioned the role of the submissive in learning what they really meant and wanted and get out of submission, I think I will comment about the role of the dominant.
    Especially in our culture in is hard to be properly dominant. I noticed how many times the dominant wanted to let up early, but realized he must not, and how his following through gave them both what they wanted, a true joy in themselves and each other. Each became fulfilled only because the dominant was able to persist because he respected the submissive enough to see she didn’t become less than she could be.

  8. makaylarayne Says:

    This is so beautifully complicated. Just like my relationship is right now with my Sir. I could have written something very similar in action but having the exact same feelings regarding this past week. Thank you so much for saying what I couldn’t articulate. I shared this with Sir.

  9. Sir,
    I liked this very much. It’s almost more like a vignette of a healthy D/s interaction for those new to it to go with your other advice on the topic.
    I was surprised by how easily I understood her reactions and thoughts and like that you added his as well. I think it’s a lovely example of a submissive testing her Dominant and her boundaries and them both learning about the happy place within them. Thank you for writing and sharing it with us.

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    I respectfully request a sotry about a female dom and a male sub.

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    You have such a way with words Sir. You really brought the scene to life. I felt everyone if those lashings and understood….clarity!!

  13. I hope everything is ok with you.

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    For someone that has contemplated a submissive lifestyle, this touched on several of my fears as well as the needs I have that I constantly fight to keep buried. Thank you for sharing such a poignant part of the relationship between a Dominant and his submissive.

  15. This is so perfectly perfect.

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    Thank you for that. It was literally so good I had to stop reading and just breathe a few times.

  19. This really is amazing. As a new one to the D/s thing I really like reading your posts. I feel way more interested now, after reading a few of your stories, then I did yesterday. I thank you for this, Sir.

  20. The gift you have for calming your readers is worthy of high praise, Sir. Thank you for writing this story and leaving it here for your new followers to enjoy. May your current journey be peaceful.

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