Quick Bite: Quote of the Day

Yeah, I know. I have not put up a Quick Bite post in a long while. Anyway, I was reading an article at reason.com about the reaction of Julie Bindel (of The Guardian) to Burger King’s “Pride Whopper”. Near the beginning of the article, Scott Shackford said this:

Periodically, whenever a major business takes a hankering to marketing to the gays, there is an outrage, and not just from the religious right. Those guys get outraged about all things gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or even just friendly smiles from straight allies. No, sometimes outrage comes from certain folks on the old guard left who, despite having lived through it, don’t seem to have a good understanding of where gay liberation was actually going and are shocked that the parade didn’t end with the dismantling of the capitalist economy and full-throated embrace of progressive politics by all gay people.

A great summation of the situation. And the rest of the article is good too. Go check it out.

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