For Dominants: Follow-up to Sub Assignment Number Five

The fifth sub assignment is up. I hope, O Dominants, you will take the time to talk about the assignment with your submissives. The assignment is not difficult and should not be too time consuming.

You may choose to allow your submissive to chose her own image for the assignment, or you may choose one for her to use. Either way, you should discuss the assignment before hand.

Also, read what the submissive writes for the assignment. It may give you some insight into how your submissive thinks and what she thinks about submission.

Consider watching your submissive perform the kneeling part of this assignment, and make sure she kneels as you want her to kneel. Consider also choosing an image with a submissive in a particular kneeling position and having the submissive replicate that position for the assignment. If there is any bondage in the image, consider putting the submissive in the same or similar bondage for at least one of the kneeling times.

And when the assignment is completed, of course, talk again about the assignment with your submissive.

Also, getting some comments from Dominants about the assignments would be helpful.

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  1. Change is good – get those fucking wolves!

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