A Piece of a Fantasy About a Strict D/s Relationship (NSFW)

Yes, I know, life without me is horribly boring. You yearn for my wisdom and… No? Oh. You’re getting on just fine without me. Okay. Well, anyway, I am trying to move on. So I will try to do something fun. Which means it is time for a warning. This post is Not Safe For Work. Within are naughty words and sexual situations. If you don’t like that sort of thing, then don’t read this post. Also, this fantasy involves Dominance/submission, and a some of the other parts of BDSM as well. If you do not want to read about a male dominant disciplining a female submissive, then go elsewhere for entertainment. You have been warned.

– – – – –

She was waiting, alone in the discipline closet, kneeling, naked, wrist and ankle cuffs all locked together. She was still in her probationary training period. She had not finished all her chores on time, and she had accidentally not closed the jug of bleach which had then spilled bleach into the dark laundry. When her Master had returned home, he had been very upset. He had frightened her with his calm and quiet anger. He had said very little. He had grabbed her hair and pulled her to the discipline closet. He had used padlocks to secure her wrist and ankle cuffs to one another. “Think about how you could have done better,” he had said in a calm whisper with his mouth at her ear. “And whether you want to remain. And how grateful you should be that I have not simply thrown you out already.”

She had known he was a hard Master when he had agreed to take her on. And she had agreed to all of his demands for her submission. He had explained that during her probationary period, he could throw her out for any reason at all, and she could leave for any reason at all. She had tried to explain to him the urgent need for submission and rules and discipline that she felt, and he had told her that he did not believe her. No one wanted those things anymore, he had told her. He had told her he doubted she would last the full ninety days of the probationary period. He had told her he doubted she would last for ten of the probationary days. But he had accepted her all the same.

She had made it to day thirty-two before the events that had led to her now being in the closet. She had been just finishing up her last chore of sweeping the driveway when her Master had returned home. That had been bad enough. Chores were to be completed before he returned. Not after. But when he had found out that she had ruined several of his dark colored shirts, that had been the moment his calm went from reassuring to frightening. He had clenched his jaw and narrowed his eyes. He had silently stared at her before grabbing her hair. She had not resisted his pulling her to the discipline closet. But she had not expected his calm.

Before, there had been spankings, some flogging and even a caning. Always with his loud voice telling her to do better. This time, with the soft and calm whispered words, she had been frightened of him for the first time.

The discipline closet was a converted linen closet. With the soundproofing, the room was just large enough for her to kneel in. She had been caught once leaning against the wall, and that had earned her more punishment. There was no light in the closet and she could hear almost nothing from outside the closet. The room had seemed cruel at first, but she had come to find it a place of calm, where she could think without distractions. Sometimes, when he was away, she would kneel in the closet on her own, just to center herself and remind herself why she was there.

Waiting for him to open the door of the discipline closet always seemed to take longer than it really did. So she did not know how long she had been inside the closet when he at last opened the door and removed the locks holding her cuffs together. She was facing the wall as he did it, but she felt that his angry calm was still upon him. He said nothing as he removed the locks. And he let her remain kneeling for several silent moments before telling her to get out and follow.

She backed out of the closet on her hands and knees before standing and walking quietly behind him. He walked to the den and sat down on his large recliner. He snapped his fingers and pointed at his feet. She knew what this meant, and immediately knelt down before him. She leaned forward and put her arms behind her back with her wrists crossed.

“What did you do wrong?” His voice was calm, as if this was an ordinary conversation.

“I did not finish the chores on time, and I did not secure the bleach bottle, resulting in your shirts being ruined. I am sorry-”

“Did I ask if you were sorry?”

“No, Master.”

“You are still in a probationary period. Explain why I should keep you.”

“I have no reason beyond that I want to remain, and I know that is not good enough, Master.”

“Hm.” He was quiet long enough for her to start to worry about what he was thinking. “You are trembling. Why?”

“I am afraid, Master.”

“Afraid of what?”

“Afraid that I have messed up so badly that you will discard me.”

“I do not own you. Why do you say ‘discard’?”

“Because that is how it will seem to me if you throw me out.”

“Could you not easily find someone else to serve?”

“None who are like you, Master.”

“I am in no mood for flattery.”

“I only answer as honestly as I know how, Master.”

“Hm. Perhaps I have not been mean enough to you. Or are you one of those who find pleasure in being disobedient?”

“No, Master.” 

“You are still trembling.”

“Yes, Master. I am still afraid.”


“You have no reason to keep me, Master. You will discard me, and I will have failed. And I will be lost, Master.”

“Lost? Why?”

“Because your instruction and rules give me structure.”

“Of course they do. But you could find someone else to give you rules. You could join the military if nothing else.”

“It would not be the same, Master.”


“They are not Master. You are Master.”


There was a long silence. She began to feel ache in her arms and back. But she dare not move.

“What should your punishment be?”

“Whatever Master believes is sufficient.”

“And if I say you are to be spanked and thrown into the street just as you are?”

“No…” she whimpered as she began to cry. “I am sorry, Master. I mean that I would accept it.”

“Why did you say no?”

“Because I want to serve you, Master.”

“Then why would you accept the punishment?”

“Because you are Master. I submit to your will.”

“And if I simply beat you day after day?”

“Then you will have stopped being Master, and I will leave.”

“Oh, I see. You get to decide who I am.”

“No, Master.”

“Then explain yourself.”

“You are Master. You would not beat me day after day. If you did, you would not be you. And I would leave, because I desire to serve only you.”

“Clever answer.”

There was another long silence, and she began to whimper from the pain of the ache in her arms and back.

“For not having your chores done on time, you will have a spanking, and no orgasm today. For ruining my shirts, your funds will be used to buy me new ones, you will be left in the discipline closet while I go out for the evening, and no orgasm for the rest of the week. That is, of course, provided you can do a sufficient job of begging me to let you remain.”

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master.” She stretched out her arms and put her hands beside his feet. She tried to remember all the things she thought to say while she was in the closet.

“I apologize, Master, for failing to get my chores done on time and for ruining your shirts.” She took a deep breath. “I know I am not what you would have me be, Master, but I can become what I should be with your guidance. I have been a bad girl, and I deserve your punishment. And I thank you for caring enough to punish me so that I will not make the same mistakes again. I am still learning, Master, and have so much more to learn from you. My greatest desire is to serve you and to hopefully please you someday, Master. If you allow me to remain, I will improve. If you cast me aside, I will flounder and be lost as a ship without rudder or sails. You are Master whether or not I serve you. But my joy is to serve you, and to be discarded would be my despair. Please, Master, let me remain. Please, Master, have mercy upon me. Let me remain your servant. There is nothing I will not do-”

The end of her sentence was turned into a gasp as she felt him grab her hair and pull her head and torso up. His pants and underwear were at his ankles as he stood before her. She had no chance to finish her sentence because the glans of his erect cock was suddenly pressed to her mouth. She let it slide past her lips and began to suck on his cock as he began to fuck her face. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she served her Master. She swallowed stiff cock down her throat. Her head was held in place by his strong hands holding her hair. She braced herself by holding his thighs with her hands as he fucked her mouth swiftly.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth and held her head so that his glans was millimeters from her face. “Finish it with your hands,” he commanded. “Yes, Master,” she replied as she brought her hands to his cock. She stroked him only a few times before she was rewarded with a face full of his cum. She stroked and milked until she could get more semen from his cock. His cum dripped from her face to her chest, and she smiled up at him.

“Thank you, Master,” she said happily.

“You are learning, little one. Now off to the closet.”

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master.” She crawled backwards before standing and walking to the discipline closet. She knelt down and pulled the door closed behind her. She was smiling and happy. She had pleased her Master.

– – – – –

Yes, the entire situation is consensual. Neither person in the story has been coerced into doing anything they do not want to do. And frankly it ended differently than I thought it would. Also, this has been composed in a single sitting. No proofreading has been done yet, so forgive what are probably many errors, and feel free to point them out. I am not too proud to be shown where I made mistakes.

Anyway, I hope you liked it. If not, well, I intend to have something a bit lighter posted by tomorrow. Maybe you will like that instead.

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  1. Sir,
    It’s wonderful to have you back. I enjoyed this story. It seemed cathartic. I like that you’re varying the stories. This one definitely satisfies a sub’s need for discipline.

    • Thank you, Carol. And thank you for the kind words. I was concerned this story leaned a little toward being too harsh.

  2. I’m surprised no one has left you comments indicating their interest in being or becoming your good girl. Or is that just not done? I’m not sure of the age group of the majority of those who read your stories and whether that’s just not a ‘classy’ thing for women to do, because I’m assuming they’re women and not girls. I’m sorry, I’m rambling but that just surprised me. I’m 19 and probably in some peoples view too little or immature to be on a blog like this but I expected to see comments such as that and didn’t so it was a tad surprising for me. I’m basically repeating myself. Okay, that’s all, I’m bringing this comment to a close, much to your relief, if you even get round to reading it.

    • I read every sincere comment, Amelia. (Which is to say, all the not-spam comments.) There has been some interest expressed, but I am simply pleased to get comments at all. Including yours. I am glad you are here. Welcome to Liberate One.

  3. ughh I don’t know why my comments are being posted up more than once. Gosh that was probably my fault. I think I’ll just stop commenting to avoid looking silly. 😦

    • Multiple comments is a mistake that sometimes happens, even to the best of us, Amelia. No worries. I approved just the one, and the rest will be eliminated. So all is good.

      • Thank you.
        I was going to compliment you on something but I don’t wish to stroke your ego too much. I will however ask you a question, which I hope you won’t mind answering. You say, there has been some interest expressed, would you ever or have you ever considered starting a sub/dom relationship with the women who comment or express interest in you, as a Dom and not just you the writer? I really do hope you don’t find this too personal of a question and if you do then I apologise but I’m curious.

        • Well, I think my ego could use a little stroking, but you are probably right to not do so. Have I ever considered a D/s relationship with women who express interest in me as a Dom. Yes, but it is not a good idea. You will just have to trust me on that one. And no, that was not too personal a question. Even if it was, I would not mind you asking. What I am willing to answer, I will. What I am not willing to answer, I won’t. Either way, it is not your fault for asking. Be as curious as you like.

          • Why isn’t it a good idea?
            I’m being as curious as I like now.
            You can not answer or answer as you so clearly put it but I’d really like you to, so please do.

          • Because it is not a good idea. I will go so far as to say that it may even be a bad idea. And that is as much of an answer on that as you will get from me.

  4. Well I will go so far as to say it may well be the best bad idea.

  5. Thank you, anyway for asking and for answering the questions you did.
    Take care. (;

    • You and your questions are welcome here any time.

      • Good. I like to come as I please.

        • Of course you do.

          • Correct me if I’m wrong but you haven’t written about fucking a submissive with your tongue. Whys that? (I know that’s a crude way to put it but it sounds better than saying ‘performing oral sex on a submissive’), and I hope I’m not annoying you by constantly asking questions or commenting so if you want me to shut up then just tell me to. I’ll be happy to oblige, (even though it will bite a little) but I don’t want to annoy you.

          • You should try the word cunnilingus. It has a lovely, lascivious sound.

            Anyway, that you may not have seen words describing cunnilingus here does not mean I have not written about it. If I have not included that in a story here yet, it is only because I just have not gotten around to it.

            No, your questions and comments are not annoying. If I should ever have a problem with a question or comment from you, I will say so. Until then, stop worrying about it.

  6. Sir,
    I’m being very honest when I say that as a student I feel fortunate that you are always a gentleman Dom. You give advice that is helpful not harmful and confusing like other Doms. I’m smiling again because you helped me through a rough episode.

  7. Gosh no, cunnilungus sounds like a surgical procedure on a vagina.

    • I disagree. But to each his own.

      • I’m not sure guys my age are familiar with the word, or girls even. Usually it’s eat out or ‘devour’ as one guy put it. BUT since you said I should try using the word cunnilungus, I’m going to use it from now on and see how it rolls off my tongue.

        • The vocabulary of the English language is wide and deep, and generally beautiful. Never be afraid to use words properly. If other people complain, tell them their ignorance is not your problem. But say it nicely, of course.

  8. Please, say it again.

  9. If that’s being a good girl then you shouldn’t be unsure as to whether I earned it because based on that I have earned it. I was expecting something else entirely.

    • That you earned one does not mean you earned all three. I can be far more demanding, but you’re new.

      • Hm. So the older and more knowledgable women who know their shit about the Sub/Dom life deserve it more? Your approval and praise, I mean.

        • I did not say you were too young. I said you were new. But no, there is no seniority here. I hand out praise as I see fit.

          • Do you prefer older women?

          • If you mean to ask if your young age is held against you here, no, it is not. If you mean to inquire about my preferences regarding women, that is a topic for a private conversation that you have not earned yet.

  10. Awweh ):
    I really want to know. Please. And I’d really like a private conversation. I have so much to ask you. Aw, that’s not fair. How do I earn one?? You’re such a tease. Have you ever had such a private conversation with someone who did earn it?
    Actually, don’t answer that. I think I deserve one. Ugh. I’m not doing a good job of convincing you, I know. At least tell me what it takes to ‘earn’ it.

    • The current policy at Liberate One for getting a private conversation is to introduce yourself, ask for a private conversation. If I think you have both said enough in introducing yourself and been respectful enough, you get to ask one question via e-mail, and if you continue being respectful, you may get to ask more questions.

      • I just begged for a private conversation so that part we can tick off.
        As far introducing myself goes, you know my name and age and I’m not sure whether that’s suffice. Is my favourite colour valid in introducing myself? Do I give you a little autobiography? My favourite sex position? Am I neglecting the respectful criteria right now?
        I’ve been respectful enough, no?
        Okay, I think that’s all ticked off and I can have my private conversation with you.
        Can I have your email address, please.

  11. You didn’t say it’s okay. I’m sorry. I was silly. I genuinely am sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you. I don’t mind that you don’t wish to have a private conversation with me but please tell me it’s okay and that you accept my apology. I don’t want to leave it on a negative note. I’m seriously sorry.
    Sweet dreams. Wet ones too.

    • Okay, no you don’t have to tell me you accept my apology or that it’s okay if it’s not. But I really am sorry.

  12. I felt the sub was so sincere. It almost made me cry when I thought of how badly she wanted to stay and serve her one true master. I was truly afraid he would throw her out. Nice work

  13. Loved this one. I left me wondering about their relationship. I wonder what a life with this master would be like after his initial training period? … Hopefully a tad bit less harsh. But, none the less, I enjoyed reading this one a lot! 🙂

  14. I want to read more. You’re a great writer.

  15. Hello.. Xajow
    I really enjoyed the story as well. The intensity from him whispering was wonderful, as you don’t have to yell to get the point across to people who want to pay attention, listen and do well. Also like that she has put herself into the discipline closet on her own to help center herself and remember why she was there. I find I need to do the same for myself at times, just to find my calm space again and collect my thoughts. (although I usually just close my eyes in quiet room and say my own little mantra) Life gets to you at times. I also just found your blog. YES!!! Lovely things you have here, if I might say. Keep up the great work. I’ll be watching to see whats new.
    and THANK YOU as well.

  16. Wow! I’ve been away for awhile and I’m pleasantly surprised to return to this Sir…”gulp.” I’m happy to see you beautifully expressing yourself again in such a way that suits you. Bravo Sir and I’m not just stroking your ego or blowing smoke up your ummm, well you know? Look forward to hearing more.

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