Sub Assignment Number Six

Remember back when I posted the previous sub assignment, and I said the next one would be posted the following week. And then it didn’t happen. Yeah, erm, I meant it to happen. So, um, well, anyway, that sub assignment I was going to post then, well I am posting it now. So, submissives, get ready to do some more kneeling.

And now the rules that cover all sub assignments here at Liberate One:

  • Participation in these assignments is always voluntary.
  • If you, O submissive reader, choose to accept an assignment, you are to indicate your acceptance by leaving a comment below saying that you have chosen to accept the assignment.
  • When you complete the assignment, say so in the comments. And preferably within the time frame given for the assignment.
  • If for some reason you are unable to complete an assignment that you accepted, leave a comment saying so.
  • If you are a submissive currently serving a Dominant, and you desire to accept one of the assignments, you should first discuss the assignment with and get permission from your Dominant before accepting it.

Also, there is no judgement from me for non-completion of assignments. I will be disappointed if you do not or cannot complete them, but I am not your Dominant. Remember, the whole purpose of these assignments is to help you, submissives, learn and grow as submissives.

And now, the assignment:

– – – – –

Assignment 6

paper for writing
pen or pencil
some way of displaying a photo
optionally, a towel, blanket or yoga mat on which to kneel

First, you are to find a photo, a single image that seems to you to most closely portray the nature of dominance. Try to find a one of good quality and size. (If you have a Dominant and are slightly more daring, have your Dominant choose an image for you. I suggest picking a few images and asking him to chose one.) Once you have a photo, write down why you chose it as an image that you believe portrays the nature of dominance.

Then, for one week (seven days), twice each day you are to kneel facing the image and stare at the image for not less than five minutes at a time. As you stare at the image (yes, you are allowed to blink) think about the nature of dominance, the place of your/a Dominant in your life, and about how your submissive nature interacts with those of a dominant nature. No, one ten minute session a day of kneeling while facing the image is not fulfilling the assignment. Kneel at two separate times each day. For each time, you may kneel and look at the image for more than five minutes, but not less than five minutes.

On the seventh day, after the last kneeling time for this assignment, you are to write down your thoughts about the image and about dominance. Write down any insights about dominance and/or yourself that you gained from kneeling and looking at the image. Write down how you feel about the assignment.

– – – – –

Why would a submissive think about dominance? Well, my hope is that this assignment helps the submissive gain some perspective. Because part of understanding submission is understanding what dominance means to the submissive and how submission interacts with dominance. Consider also what role a Dominant and/or dominant others play(s) in submission and the choices a submissive makes. This assignment and the previous assignment should be paired up.

Please leave a comment saying when you will start the assignment. And then follow up with a comment when you finished the assignment. And please share your thoughts about the assignment. I do truly want your feedback about the sub assignments. If you want me to create more and better assignments, then give me your feedback. I don’t know the assignments are being used if you don’t tell me. And I don’t know how much they do or do not help you if you don’t tell me.

Let me put this another way. Good girls leave comments about the assignments.

As always, you are free to ask any and all questions you may have about this or any other assignment.

9 Responses to “Sub Assignment Number Six”

  1. Sir,
    Your assignments keep getting better and better. My ability to evolve fully is dependent on understanding the nature of my submissiveness and how it is directly affected by my connection to my Dominant.Thank you for posting this assignment.

  2. I only can repeat what I’ve said before, what a great assignment!
    I have never stopped my kneeling, and have even started a diary some weeks ago and yes, one to write with a pencil…
    And over the last weeks and months I’ve learned a lot about myself, my wishes and my desire.
    Especially the writing made and still make it clear.
    I find peace in it, peace in myself, in what i feel and desire.
    Thank you very much again!

  3. Sir,

    I love the idea of your assignments and will be taking them up slowly, however, on orders from my Master we will be adapting them slightly. Due to previous injuries, I cannot kneel for long periods of time. My Master has instead substituted a straight back chair.

    Thank you for the assignments, Sir. I will attempt to post my thoughts on assignments as I complete them with my Master’s permission.

  4. sara lester Says:

    Hello, thanks for the assignment. I will start it today and my first step will be to find a picture my Dom approves of. I will let you know when I am finished.

  5. Thank you for the assignment, I have completed it. I chose a large, very old oak tree as my picture and I really think it did help me gain some insight into the questions you posed. In general, as all Doms and subs are different, so to are their natures; I do think there are some generalizations that can be made, but I think I gained some insight into some other aspects of the dominant nature, so overall it was a good assignment that really did get me thinking.

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