I have been told that my relationship status may be unclear. I am in a serious relationship with an amazing woman whom I do love. She is mine. And none else shall be. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

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  1. My boyfriend says similar things but its confusing since I’m new to Dom/Sub. He said loves me on different levels but I’m his. How can someone love someone they ask to submit to his control?

    • Why are you assuming a Dominant cannot love his submissive? You serve your Dominant through submission. Your Dominant serves you though dominance. Of course he can love you.

      • I’m not assuming he can’t. I I’m assuming I’m not doing it right. He says that I’m trying and that’s all he asks of me, yet he scolds me when I’ve said no. I’ve very shy and he is not. He said we compliment each other (in private and in public) and that’s why he loves me in different ways.

        • Relax. Don’t worry about not being perfect. You will learn.

        • danasty Says:

          I will say this in the few times that my d/s life had been on track and going great the levels and depth of love I have felt for my dom is ones words fail to describe. When things are not so good I can feel the levels and depth not being so deep. No mind u we are still trying to find a groove for us and in no way am I saying I totally understand what your dom means but as u become more submissive and feel the different levels of love it will Become more clear. Good luck on your walk in this life and learn and grow as u take that walk in the end it will give u great things.

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