Remy on Taxes

Without any ado, intertubes sensation Remy, on taxes:

And now, a bonus Remy song, just ’cause:

That makes me smile.

2 Responses to “Remy on Taxes”

  1. Oh but this made my colleagues and I laugh last night. Thank you for posting it.We started to look at some of the UK’s waste of Tax payers money.
    We discovered we paid $141802/£95000 for a skip or dumpster to be painted bright yellow and draped in lights.
    Also it seems some local officials were feeling a wee bit low so we tax payers kindly paid out $28360/£19000 to hire a motivational Magician to cheer up and inspire those that
    represent us. I do so hope they feel better. I generally find chocolate and an old Movie lifts my spirits enormously.
    In all seriousness its a truly frightening state of affairs.

  2. Catchy.. LOL

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