I am a man trying to figure out myself, life, and the world around me. None of those things are what I was taught they were when I was in grade school.

I exist at the philosophical fringe of society, i.e. I am libertarian, and a Christian but with no denomination to call home. I think “Ishtar” was actually funny, which may explain why I am alone. Also, I am a Dominant, but one without a submissive. Make of that what you will.

I cannot claim to be wise, but I try to find wisdom as best I can. Here at this blog I write about libertarianism, Dominance/submission issues, and anything else that seems interesting at the time. I try to apply what wisdom I find to these issues.

So that is a summation of the me you will find here at Liberate One. Questions are always welcome. I hope you find your time here is not wasted.

24 Responses to “About”

  1. Susan Neil Says:

    Hello Sir
    Thank you for sharing your words with me. You are very knowledgeable.
    Where do you live, if I may ask?


  2. I am very much new to this scene, but I have found your blog and your words more comforting than I care to admit.

    I will ask a question,
    and I do not feel a need to ask for permission, mainly because you encourage it throughout your blog, and I feel you will not judge.

    You talk quite a bit about the D/s relationship, expectations and among other things following through; but I am yet to see if you have any thoughts one distance and how, if possible, one can build a relationship when having an ocean or a country between you..
    Do you have any thoughts or experiences one this part?

    Thank you, for your time and your knowledge and your guidance. I really do appreciate it, and I enjoy your writing.

    – Katerina,
    69° North, Norway

    • I should have a post about distance D/s coming up in a few weeks. Thank you for the comment, and welcome to Liberate One.

      • Katerina Says:

        Thank you, it is very appreciated. I also am grateful that you take questions and requests seriously and address them straight away. It gives, yet another, reason to show you the respect you should, and do, have.

        – Katerina

  3. Telling the truth can be dangerous business
    Honesty and popularity don’t go hand in hand
    If you admit you play the accordion
    You’ll never get to play in a rock and roll band.

    It’s a song from Ishtar that has haunted me for years.

  4. Hello,
    I recently stumbled across this blog in my attempt to learn as much information about this lifestyle and what it entails. I myself am single and have not found my Dom. I’m a beginner and have lots of questions so this site helped so much. Your writing is beautiful and I was so humbled by your depiction of the relationship between a Dom and his Sub, breathtaking. I’m a subscriber now and looking forward to reading more of your posts Sir.

  5. I cannot figure out how to post a question so i hope this is ok. I met a man a few months back im am absolutely stupid nuts about. I cut it off and in the last 2 weeks we have been seeing each other again. Problem is hes a dom & i am a smartmouth outspoken dominate person. I really want to explore this with HIM as of yet there has been 0 play. Sexually i have (out of my desire not his wishes) been on him like white on rice & think i do ok there..My ? is how am i supposed to make things right when my feelings get hurt ,& i let my mouth overload my ass so to speak. He is gone 5 days a week i get 1 night..Thus far i have been givin O instruction nor have we gone “there” in any way. I just want him to know im trying.

    • How are you supposed to make things right when your feelings get hurt and you lash out? I think that is what you’re asking. If you want him to know you’re trying, then ask him to help you learn to control your tongue. If you want him to be the Dominant then start acting like he is the Dominant.

  6. swtsalvation Says:

    My current relationship Is with a man who has Always been dom, but I have for The majority been dom as well. While he has had subs (obviously ) I find that he loves even more being able to bring a dom woman to her knees (So to speak) with Just his words. As I submit more in our personal life he helps Me to be even more confident in daily life. I guess I am trying to find ways to ease myself into be more submissive as a dominant woman. Help?

  7. Hello,
    This may not be related to your blog, but I’ve recently been approached online by a Dom who wants to train me, but also wants his mentor involved, with whom I’ve been talking to as well. The situation is beginning to seem off to me, but I’m not sure. This is new to me so I don’t know how to navigate through it. Any advice?


    • My advice is to consider what you want from a D/s relationship, and make sure you have a discussion about that with the Dominant and with his mentor. If the Dominant who wants to train you is new to D/s, having his mentor guide him may be helpful for him and for you. If after having the discussion with the Dominant and his mentor you still feel something is not right, then just be honest about how you feel and respectfully decline.

  8. Thank you,
    The Dominant avoids revealing anything about himself to me other then his name and location and a few small pieces of information, he started our communication playing truth or dare with me, and even those answers are vague. I mentioned Skype, and he became short with me and said No if I don’t trust him then he’ll walk away (building that trust is hard when you know nothing of them) The mentor has gone out of his way to begin training me, encourages me to ask questions, Skype, and makes sure I’m okay (knowing this is a first for me) but I will say it has turned very sexual very quick. There is a small part of me wondering if this is actually the same person, and I did mention this, but was told that’s not the case. I have no way to prove that though.
    I’m from a small community so finding what I’m looking for has me very confused and I’m trying to avoid having a bad Dominant or someone who thinks they are a Dominant come in and scare me away from this.

    Thank you for getting back to me and listening to me ramble, you didn’t have to, and I grateful that you did.


    • Certainly if you do not trust the Dominant, you should walk away from him. You are better off waiting for a good one than getting scarred by a bad one. Also, if you are uncomfortable with the direction of the training from the mentor, you should say so.

  9. Thank you 🙂 I’ll approach this with him and see what our outcome is.


    • I hope all goes well you you, Staisha.

      • Thank You.
        I decided they weren’t right for me and have parted ways. I have been speaking to a Dom who is local-ish to me and is willing to work slowly with me because this is brand new to me.
        Thank you for your advice and guidance, it helped me make a decision that I was unsure of.

  10. My boyfriend is a dominant, what Is the correct thing to say when I do something wrong in day to day life and he corrects me? He gets very fustrated(that’s okay with me), I jst want to let him kno I understand the correction that he’s given me but am not sure how to go about this in a pleasing way?

    • My advice would be to take a slow breath, and then thank him for correcting you. You do not need to explain anything. Just thank him and then do your best to not repeat the mistake that earned the correction.

      Do not overthink trying to be a submissive. Just be submissive. Relax. Breathe. You do not have to be perfect. You just have to be willing serve and willing to do what is necessary to improve.

  11. May I chime in here? As a dominant husband with submissive wife, the thing that has infuriated me in the past is when she asks another man for his opinion instead of asking me. (This has been corrected.)
    What I am saying is this: We might tell you to say “Thank you sir” or “I understand, Sir.” But, he may want you to say “Ice Cream!” (It could happen.) So, why not simply, in a time when you are not being or have not just been corrected, ask him. Communication is the sexiest thing between two adults in an intimate relationship.

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