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How Well Do You Know Your Submissive?

Posted in Advice, D/s, Dominance, For Doms, Relationships with tags , , , on July 25, 2014 by Xajow

Submissives, this post is not directed at you. In this post, I will be talking to Dominants only. This post is for all Dominants, but especially young and/or inexperienced Dominants. Yet even experienced Dominants may learn something. So pay attention. Continue reading

Some Words About Rituals

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Students, you might want to prepare to take some notes today. I talked about rituals once before, about having rituals and including them in D/s. Today, I want to talk more specifically about creating a ritual. One can just string some actions together, repeat it all a few times, and call it a ritual. But one can also be more thoughtful about it, and give specific meaning to specific actions and thereby create a ritual with more significance and beauty. And hopefully create a ritual that enhances the D/s experience.
Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Obedience and Follow Through

Posted in D/s, Discipline, Dominance, Relationships, submission with tags , , , , , , , on April 7, 2014 by Xajow

Okay, class, today’s topic is obedience and follow through. Yes, before you ask, this is a D/s post. And I will be talking to both Dominants and submissives. Yes, cute girl on the front row, what is it? Yes, you may kneel beside your desk, but I still expect you take notes. Now then, let’s begin. Continue reading

How Should a Dominant Treat His Submissive?

Posted in D/s, Dominance, Relationships with tags , , , , , on February 13, 2014 by Xajow

While looking through the search terms that have led people to Liberate One, I came across an interesting question. How should a Dom treat his submissive? This is certainly a reasonable question, particularly for someone who may be just beginning to learn about Dominant/submissive relationships. So let us see if I can provide a reasonable answer. Continue reading

January 5 Rant Update

Posted in Relationships on January 14, 2014 by Xajow

The other day I posted a rant of sorts. It was about some events that happened earlier that day. That post is, in fact, the post immediately previous to this one. So you can go read that if you haven’t yet. Today the consequences of those events began to finally be revealed to me. So here is the update for this situation. Continue reading

The Perpetual Question of Certainty

Posted in D/s, Dominance, Philosophy, Questions Answered, Relationships, submission with tags , , , on November 18, 2013 by Xajow

Time for class, students. In relationships, particularly those that leave us vulnerable to being hurt, we often find the question of certainty. And this is no less true in Dominance/submission relationships. I was asked recently, “How does a Dominant know a certain submissive will fulfill his wants and fit his needs?” There are really two questions here. The literal question itself, and the implied question. Are you prepared? Good. Class begins. Continue reading

Getting to Know Your Dominant

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I was asked some time back to talk about a Dominant’s needs versus wants. Specifically mine. Well, I am not going to get specific about mine. That is a topic for a private discussion in a different situation. I can speak, however, a little bit and in more general terms about the wants and needs of a Dominant. So that is what I will do. Continue reading