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Project August: Day 30 – And Now for Something Almost but Not Quite Completely Different

Posted in Movies, Project August with tags , on August 30, 2013 by Xajow

Apparently my emphatic request for help has been ignored. It is disappointing. I did not believe I was asking that much. Oh well. Anyway, tonight something different. What could it be? You’lll have to see on the other side of the jump (as the young folks say these days). Continue reading

Project August: Day 28 – Truth and Beauty and the Ache in My Soul

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I have talked before about why a woman would choose to submit. Some folks seem not to understand why a woman in this age would choose such. There is, in some circles, a bit of a stigma in being a submissive woman. And that is unfortunate. At the same time, in many circles being a dominant male is also considered socially unacceptable. Some folks tend to equate being a dominant male with sexism, misogyny and a desire to abuse women. Yes, there are some bullies out there, and weak willed men who lack a sense of self-control or respect. But there are dominant men who are not that way at all. Even so, to claim to be one or to act like one can be much unpopular. So why would a man choose to embrace his dominant nature? Well, that is something I am going to talk about. Continue reading

Project August: Day 20 – Wherein Elle’s Writing Is Lauded

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So I was looking at my wordpress stats page, and I saw that the blog had a view from a link on someone else’s blog. I went to the page the stats info indicated and started looking for where the link was. I like to see the context of links to my blog. Well, I still have not found the link, but I did find something else. I found a marvelous piece of writing about why a woman would choose to submit to a Dominant. Yes, I have talked about this topic before, but I want to share what I found. Continue reading