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Project August: Day 3 – Why Ignorance of Libertarianism Is Not a Virtue

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Yesterday I mentioned the many attempts to smear libertarianism, and today I am going to talk about one of them. Today I am going to respond to a post over at Huffington Post’s section rather boringly, and perhaps arrogantly, titled “The Blog”. I came across it by looking through posts at the blog of another site, There, Aaron Ross Powell responds to a post by Ekow N. Yankah at “The Blog”. Yes, more politics today. But as you will see, I bring this around to D/s as well. Continue reading

Libertarianism Is Here to Stay

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I have considered trying to write something to explain libertarianism to people who don’t get it. But I question my ability to write something that would do any good. Anyone who actually wants to know what libertarianism is about has access to websites (like and, magazines and books that explain libertarianism and libertarian ideas better than I can. And I have already explained why I am libertarian. But I still want to speak to those who are willfully blind who just don’t get libertarianism.

First, let go of your prejudice. When I talk about libertarianism with people, by far the most common and largest obstacle they put before me is their stack of preconceived and almost always erroneous assumptions about libertarianism. Libertarians are not, I repeat, not isolationists who want destroy the government and leave everyone to fend for himself. Not even the anarcho-capitalists, who do want to peacefully do away with government, expect everyone to fend for himself. On the contrary, we libertarians believe in people working together. If we did not, there would be no Reason Foundation or Cato Institute or International Society for Individual Liberty. And yes, libertarians do care about people. You may not agree with us, but we do actually believe our ideas will help people. So forget the strawman arguments so many largely ignorant critics of libertarianism have set up and knocked down. Let go of your assumptions and listen to actual libertarians. Ask them questions. No one is saying you have to agree with them.

Second, libertarianism is not going away. The libertarian message is getting out. It is getting into the culture. The influence of libertarianism is growing, not just in the U.S but around the world. People are starting to see that corporate welfare and constant meddling by government is really not fixing the problems the supporters of such things say they will. People are starting to see that traditional right-left politics are just two paths to the same authoritarianism. Is this all happening overnight? No. It is happening slowly. And that is why it will last. This is not a flash in the pan. Libertarianism is here to stay. So get used to it.