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Answering Some Questions – Prejudice

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Day 4 of answering questions posed by Diane Owens.

Question #4
Honestly, are you prejudice in any way? Would you be willing to explain?

Hm. Prejudice. I am going to guess that she means to use the negative connotation of the word prejudice.

I suppose I do have some prejudices after a fashion. I tend to not trust politicians. Politicians lie. There is another, similar one I could mention, but I would get in too much trouble if I did.

No, I have no prejudice against people whose skin color or gender or sexual orientation or place of birth is different from mine.

I am prejudiced against independently made Christian films. I have seen a number of crappy and usually trite Christian films, and I have built up a prejudice over the years. And I have stopped watching them. Even when people say to me, “but this one is actually good,” I do not watch them. I also tend to avoid message movies for about the same reasons.

I am prejudiced against Nazis. Which seems like an easy one, I know. But perhaps better said is that I am prejudiced against totalitarianism. I do not really care what reasons someone might have for promoting totalitarianism; I am against it.

But one can also be prejudiced in favor of something.

I am prejudiced in favor of just about anything involving bacon. Including bacon and chocolate. Yum.

I am prejudiced in favor of libertarian writers and speakers. If I know someone is libertarian, I am more inclined to read or listen to what he has to say. 

I am prejudiced in favor of… a certain person. I think she is wonderful. I favor her above all others. She makes finding another difficult because I can find no one else to match her.

That is about all the prejudices I can think of for the moment.