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Project August: Day 21 – What Is in a Name?

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Something I occasionally say to people (usually teenagers) is “just because you don’t care what words mean does not mean that what words mean does not matter.” And in reply I generally get a puzzled look. The meaning of words does matter. When we misuse words, we muddy the meaning not just in our own minds but also when we use the words in communication with others. Yes, I am talking about communication again. Because it is important. Continue reading

Project August: Day 15 – The Body of the Submissive

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Wow. No one guessed yesterday’s obscure reference. Shame on you. You’re not trying. Anyway, in previous posts, I have talked about how those in D/s relationships need to learn about themselves, to know themselves well. I am going to talk about it again, but in a different way. I am also, hopefully, going to make restitution for a bungled job the other day. Continue reading

Project August: Day 7 – Communication about Non-verbal Communication

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Today, the topic is non-verbal communication. More specifically, non-verbal communication within D/s relationships. So today there will be no post. I will send what I have to say about this to you via telepathy. Now concentrate really hard… Just kidding. Of course I cannot use telepathy. And of course there will be a post. But I am using this to make a point. Continue reading

Some Words about a Peeve

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I am about to make a complaint. But it is not a pointless complaint. This is not an aimless rant. There is a lesson here. Class is now in session. Continue reading

What I Would Rather Have Said

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I just had to apologize to someone because I dared to ask when a project that affects my job (in a significant way) was going to be done. The reply to my initial request carried the polite but annoyed tone that indicated answering my request was a pain because I had no business asking about the project in the first place. Mind you, I had to make the request twice before I got any reply at all. So I played nice-nice and apologized to smooth things over. The last thing I need is people more annoyed with me. But that is not what I wanted to say. Continue reading

Communication, communication, communication!

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I cannot stress enough how important communication is to relationships. I do not mean just D/s relationships. All relationships. Communication is vital in relationships with lovers, friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, bosses, acquaintances, and on and on. And I do not just mean talking. I mean listening too. Continue reading

What to Say When Being Dominant

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An interesting search phrase popped up recently in my WordPress blog dashboard. The search phrase is “things to say when being Dominant”. Continue reading