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How Well Do You Know Your Submissive?

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Submissives, this post is not directed at you. In this post, I will be talking to Dominants only. This post is for all Dominants, but especially young and/or inexperienced Dominants. Yet even experienced Dominants may learn something. So pay attention. Continue reading

Some Words About Rituals

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Students, you might want to prepare to take some notes today. I talked about rituals once before, about having rituals and including them in D/s. Today, I want to talk more specifically about creating a ritual. One can just string some actions together, repeat it all a few times, and call it a ritual. But one can also be more thoughtful about it, and give specific meaning to specific actions and thereby create a ritual with more significance and beauty. And hopefully create a ritual that enhances the D/s experience.
Continue reading

Spiritual Discipline: Who Is the Greatest?

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Yes, I know, this post is late. It should have been up about four days ago. Oh well. Anyway, today the topic is leadership. What sort of advice on leadership is found in the Bible? (Hey there, Dominants, you might want to pay attention.) There are a lot of lessons about leadership in the Bible, but I am going to focus on a pair of passages from the gospels. And just so you do not think the Spiritual Discipline column is somehow unrelated to the rest of the blog, I believe these passages have a bearing on how Dominants should handle leadership within D/s relationships. Continue reading

How Should a Dominant Treat His Submissive?

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While looking through the search terms that have led people to Liberate One, I came across an interesting question. How should a Dom treat his submissive? This is certainly a reasonable question, particularly for someone who may be just beginning to learn about Dominant/submissive relationships. So let us see if I can provide a reasonable answer. Continue reading

Project August: Day 15 – The Body of the Submissive

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Wow. No one guessed yesterday’s obscure reference. Shame on you. You’re not trying. Anyway, in previous posts, I have talked about how those in D/s relationships need to learn about themselves, to know themselves well. I am going to talk about it again, but in a different way. I am also, hopefully, going to make restitution for a bungled job the other day. Continue reading

Project August: Day 13 – The Benefits of Tasks

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If I ever do something like Project August again, I will definitely choose enough posts ahead of time to easily complete the project. As it is, I am winging this. Not the best way to do this, but it is what it is. Anyway, I was thinking about how to introduce the topic for today. And this is all I got: Yesterday I was looking through several posts that I had not previously read. And I came across one of Kayla Lord’s posts, and thought it would be a good prompt for a post. So the topic today is assigned tasks. Continue reading

Project August: Day 6 – The Hunger of a Dominant

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Okay, students, pay attention. I know some of you have questions about how a Dominant thinks, what does a Dominant need, and what drives a person to want to be a Dominant in a D/s relationship. So pay attention. I am going to talk about these things from a personal perspective. You may not fully understand all of it, but know that your understanding is not required. Continue reading

“I met a Dominant; so now what?”

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The last question from the reader known as A628 is this: “How does one deal with if [having met and being tested by a Dominant] and wants to submit?” Basically, it follows from the previous two questions. Which is why I have summed it up as “I met a Dominant; so now what?” To inexperienced folks, the answer may seem obvious: submit to the Dominant. But this is, I think, a question which needs a more serious and substantive answer. And oddly enough, I think I will try to give it one. Continue reading