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Quick Bite: Quote of the Day

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Over at (and apparently at the Richmond Times-Dispatch as well) A. Barton Hinkle has a good column up analyzing liberals’ attitudes about gun control. In the column he says: Continue reading

Real World Examples of Liberal Brotherly Love

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Andrew Breitbart died on March 1, 2012. Yesterday in the news was the report that the coroner has rules his death to be heart failure. I could guess what sort of things liberal types might say, and I went to see for myself. Here are some examples.


• God rid the earth of this scum. Thanks God!


• A black heart filled with hate and lies always stops.

• I call this a good start!

• like with Cheney I am in shock that these guys even had a heart to begin with.

L.A. Times

• Sadly, I believe that Andrew Breitbart died of anger, bitterness, and hatred. All the man ever exuded was negative emotions. Eventually, that kind of non-stop emotional poison takes a toll on a person’s health. Now a wife is widowed and four young kids have no father. Breitbart’s death is a cautionary tale for all of us: Don’t live a life full of anger and hate. It will kill you.

• The surprising aspect of his death is that such a vicious liar and charlaton had ever had a heart at any point during his time on this earth. I do not wish to sound vindictive and callous as this miserable creep was, but I am at a loss to recall any single redeeming quality or postive non-self serving act in his entire public life.

I’m sure there will be more. And to be fair, there will likely be conservative commentators who say nasty things in reply. But this is the way some liberals think, and I think that is something to remember next time you hear them talking about caring about people. Don’t make blind accusations. I’m not saying that. I am suggesting you might ask them about people like Breitbart and see what they say. They might be nice or they might not. But you’ll get a better idea of their motivations.

Liberals might complain that conservatives so this too. Yes. I’ve tried listening to Michael Savage. Life is too short to listen to someone disgorge that kind of inane anger.

Character matters people, that is all I’m really saying. Don’t preach “love your neighbor” to me and then spew hate about your neighbor. It cuts your credibility off at the knees.