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Quick Bite: Just Stopping in to Criticize Obama

Posted in Government, Healthcare, In the News, Politics, Quick Bite with tags , , , , , on October 21, 2013 by Xajow

So after three weeks of sugarcoating, i.e. deliberately downplaying and possibly lying about, the massive failure that is, President Obama gave a speech to tell people there was no sugarcoating it. Three weeks he took to get around to this. Yeah, real leadership there. (No, not really.) But then He also said this: “We waged this battle to make sure that millions of Americans in the wealthiest nation on Earth finally have the same chance to get the same security of affordable quality health care as anybody else.” The same as anybody else, except President Obama, Obama’s family, the U.S. Congress and congressional staff, i.e. the political class who think having Obamacare for themselves would be a bad idea. There is your leadership America. You should be ashamed.