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Some Political Musings

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Well, I promised I would talk about politics this week. And now I am going to talk about politics. You have been warned. So let’s do this. Continue reading

The Politics of Pot

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No rant this time. Just a couple of videos.

Here is what President Obama, Kal Penn and John Cho imagine the politics of marijuana users is like:

Here, however, is the reality:

“Practical” Political Solutions

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One of the many petty and feeble criticisms leveled often at libertarians is that they just do not understand how the real world works. According to the critics, libertarians do not understand the practical side of things; they are not pragmatic enough in their thinking. So let us take a look now at a “practical” solution from a “pragmatic” non-libertarian politician. Continue reading

Just Say No to More Government Control

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President Obama has been talkinig nonsense again. Remarks by the President at the National Urban League Convention: Continue reading

The Most Ridiculous Political Spin I Have Seen in a Long Time

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And I still remember the whole “depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is” nonsense.

Anyway, here is the deal: President Obama, some days ago, said this: Continue reading

President Obama Inserting Himself into Other Presidents’ Bios

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Well, if the new “Loyalty Day” did not seem creepy to you, maybe President Obama having propaganda about himself inserted into the presidential bios at the website will.

I know, you may think I am making too big a deal about this. Maybe, but it’s creepy to me. Let me put this another way: I might expect a leader like Saddam Hussein to have done something like this, or maybe the new kid in North Korea, Kim Jong-un, but not the President of the United States. It really is getting to be a bit too “Glorious Leader” for my taste.

And do not even get me started on how this would have been loudly denounced in the media if Bush the Younger had done it.

We have a President to wants to control the economy, control health care, control commerce, and control guns; he has talked vaguely about citizens being selflessly obedient like soldiers; he established “Loyalty Day”; and now he is trying insert propaganda about himself into history. The overall trend of what President Obama seems to be doing is creepy. And I do not mean that as a joke. I am right serious about this. I do not like it.

I mentioned in a previous post what this reminds me of, but I’m not going to say it here. Because it will seem like I am using the word lightly, and I do not want to do that.

I will say this: if you have not yet, go read the books Animal Farm and Fahrenheit 451. Buy them or borrow them, but read them.

Quick Bite: Gay Marriage and the 2012 Presidential Race

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Somehow President Obama is getting a lot of credit for being in favor of gay marriage. I do not understand the attention. The whole thing seems calculated to distract from the news about the economy. If President Obama wants me to believe he is making hard leadership decisions, then he ought to do something really challenging, like pushing for an end to the war on drugs, or genuinely cutting government spending. That President Obama gets so many people to believe his posturing is proof of courage is sad to me. Americans should know better by now than to accept things politicians say (including Republicans ones mind you) at face value.