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Project August: Day 28 – Truth and Beauty and the Ache in My Soul

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I have talked before about why a woman would choose to submit. Some folks seem not to understand why a woman in this age would choose such. There is, in some circles, a bit of a stigma in being a submissive woman. And that is unfortunate. At the same time, in many circles being a dominant male is also considered socially unacceptable. Some folks tend to equate being a dominant male with sexism, misogyny and a desire to abuse women. Yes, there are some bullies out there, and weak willed men who lack a sense of self-control or respect. But there are dominant men who are not that way at all. Even so, to claim to be one or to act like one can be much unpopular. So why would a man choose to embrace his dominant nature? Well, that is something I am going to talk about. Continue reading

Project August: Day 14 – A Short One

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I got nothing. Well, not really nothing. I was about to write a long post, but I do not have the time. I searched for something to write just briefly about, and I got nothing. And worse, I spent too much time looking. So today is a sort of a cheat for Project August. I apologize. I am going to pull out a reserve again. I wanted to do more with this post, but I haven’t the time. You should go to Continue reading

What I Would Rather Have Said

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I just had to apologize to someone because I dared to ask when a project that affects my job (in a significant way) was going to be done. The reply to my initial request carried the polite but annoyed tone that indicated answering my request was a pain because I had no business asking about the project in the first place. Mind you, I had to make the request twice before I got any reply at all. So I played nice-nice and apologized to smooth things over. The last thing I need is people more annoyed with me. But that is not what I wanted to say. Continue reading

What to Say When Being Dominant

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An interesting search phrase popped up recently in my WordPress blog dashboard. The search phrase is “things to say when being Dominant”. Continue reading