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Answering Some Questions – Strength

Posted in Questions Answered with tags , , , on June 12, 2012 by Xajow

Day 5 of answering questions posed by Diane Owens.

Question #5
As a person, what is your greatest strength? Your greatest weakness?

My greatest strength… hm. That is a tough one. It is the sort of question I would normally leave for others to say because I feel I cannot be objective about it. But in this instance, that would be a cop out.

I would say my greatest strength is my tendency to be patiently calm. I am not easily rattled. I am, usually, emotionally steady. And despite the fact that I often gripe about drivers doing things that annoy me, I am slow to anger. It helps me be mentally and emotionally stable.

My greatest weakness… crab thermidor.

Okay, seriously, my greatest weakness is probably my social ineptitude. I do not do small talk well. I am not the most tactful of people (though I am trying to improve this). My social ineptitude stands in my way sometimes. And I am reluctant to do much to change it, because I am, frankly, comfortable being direct and honest, and I see being more sociable as something that would require me to change that.