Do Dominants Like Submissives to Beg?

The title of this post is a question that appeared in the list of search terms on my stats page. The short answer is yes. Of course Dominants like submissives to beg. But let us dig a little deeper.

There is something satisfying in having one’s submissive beg. Probably it stems from the way a begging submissive affirms that the Dominant is the one in charge. It functions like a bit of ego stroking. It is not that we Dominants need it, but we like it all the same.

Which is not to say that any old begging will do. (I wrote a whole other post on this.) My usual advice to a begging submissive is, “Make me believe you need it.”

The thing that really makes begging from a submissive satisfying is to hear the desire to submit in the submissive’s tone and choice of words. When the submissive can get to the point where she is pleading for something and without directly saying so expresses that while she is begging for something she wants, she still needs in her soul to submit even that choice to the Dominant’s control, that is the best kind of begging.

Yes, this is a short post. Do not worry. There is more to come.

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