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In Which I Answer Some Questions About Submissiveness

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Take your seats, students. Class is in session. Recently I received some questions from an impatient commenter who wishes to remain anonymous: What does it mean if you’re submissive with a certain kind of person and not with others? And does that mean you are not submissive? What’s an ideal submissive? Is it a 24/7 submissive like a Dom would be? And what does it mean if you genuinely are the complete opposite with others and this can’t mean you only enjoy role playing a submissive if you genuinely are with the people who can bring that side out or make you want to let them take control? Is a good submissive always submissive? So let us try to unpack some of this and provide some answers. Continue reading

A Dream of Lust #2 – Not Safe For Work

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This post is not safe for work. I repeat, this post is Not Safe For Work. If this post were rated, it would be rated for mature audiences only due to the nature of the content. Naughty words are about to be used in describing a scene involving things sexual and lascivious. If you are easily offended by such things, I recommend you turn elsewhere for entertainment. If you are not easily offended by such things, I suggest you might benefit from having a towel handy. Okay, enough flirting. Let us begin. Continue reading

Project August: Day 26 – To Protect

Posted in Dominance, Project August, submission with tags , , , on August 26, 2013 by Xajow

Short post today because I am starting this one late. After a busy weekend, I did a lot of sleeping. Anyway, there are days I wish I had massive wealth like Bill Gates. Not because I love money, but because of something I would like to do with that money. But I suppose I should explain something. Don’t worry. I will be brief. Continue reading

Project August: Day 20 – Wherein Elle’s Writing Is Lauded

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So I was looking at my wordpress stats page, and I saw that the blog had a view from a link on someone else’s blog. I went to the page the stats info indicated and started looking for where the link was. I like to see the context of links to my blog. Well, I still have not found the link, but I did find something else. I found a marvelous piece of writing about why a woman would choose to submit to a Dominant. Yes, I have talked about this topic before, but I want to share what I found. Continue reading

Project August: Day 5 – Dominance and Submission as Inherent Nature

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On this Monday, August 5, 2013, I am now on day five of my project to post, each day of the month of August, 2013, responses to posts from other blogs. This is turning out to be an interesting exercise for me. I have never attempted this before. Anyway, what shall I talk about today? Yes, I know; you are at the edge of your seat and tingling with anticipation. Hm… As I look through my wordpress reader for blogs I follow, what do I see? Oh yes, Kayla Lords is moving her blogging to her own site. Oh, look, there is an interesting post. Yes, let’s talk about being always Dominant or always submissive. Continue reading

“I met a Dominant; so now what?”

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The last question from the reader known as A628 is this: “How does one deal with if [having met and being tested by a Dominant] and wants to submit?” Basically, it follows from the previous two questions. Which is why I have summed it up as “I met a Dominant; so now what?” To inexperienced folks, the answer may seem obvious: submit to the Dominant. But this is, I think, a question which needs a more serious and substantive answer. And oddly enough, I think I will try to give it one. Continue reading

“How does one know when they are being tested…?”

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Okay, the next question from the reader known as A628 is: “How does one know when they are being tested or perhaps even inadvertently trained as a submissive?” I confess, I am not certain as to what sort of situation A628 is referring, but I will attempt to answer this question anyway. For the purposes of this post, however, I am going to break it up into two separate questions.  Continue reading